This man solves his panic attacks ... with a lemon

Can a lemon help overcome a panic attack? Maybe yes, as the shock takes us back to the here and now. Trying is harmless and costs nothing!

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The video of a man who, often struggling with panic attacks, claims to have found a way to help overcome them, at least in the moment, has gone viral. What is needed is one, simple ingredient: lemon!

We know that lemon is a fruit rich in properties and beneficial but perhaps we would never have thought that it could also be useful in case of panic attacks. He is convinced of its effectiveness Eric Zink, 39-year-old from California who has battled a variety of problems in her life: anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder and depression, as well as drug and alcohol addictions, and has managed to overcome almost all of them, we emphasize, thanks to therapy.

However, he evidently also delights in natural home remedies and the man claims in a video that biting a lemon can help overcome an ongoing panic attack.

How? Simply by forcing the body and mind to shift attention elsewhere. In fact, if we take a lemon and bite it as it is, its bitter skin, the sour interior and the typical consistency of this fruit will create in us a kind of shock, forcing us to focus all our attention on the mouth and not on the panic attack.

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Eric now loves sharing videos on his TikTok profile with practical tips like these to help people who are struggling with problems similar to his. He certainly has no medical skills or anything, but a lot of experience in the field and strength.

"I think when we see others face the same struggles, we remember that we are not alone," he says.

Obviously we can try this little trick if we want, but let's not forget to address the root problem, looking for the triggering causes and turning to professionals.

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