This is the best oil for frying even according to science (and it is not that of seeds)

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Which oil to use to make frying a little healthier? A study compared 4 types of vegetable oils and came to the conclusion that the best is just what you don't expect

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We often ask ourselves what is the most suitable type of oil to use in the kitchen when it comes to frying, a cooking method that is not excessively healthy, but extremely tasty that we can give ourselves a lot. But with which oil? The answer comes directly from science and leaves no room for doubt: the best oil for frying, in defiance of clichés, is olive oil. Olive oil, in fact, is a vegetable fat with a very high smoke point (about 240 °) that lends itself well to both light and heavier frying. (Read also: Vegetable oils, each cooking has its own! Which one to use according to the smoke point (and not just for frying)

There are many types of oils on the market. A variety so wide that often, finding ourselves having to choose which one is the most suitable for our purposes, especially when it comes to cooking, we find ourselves confused and in difficulty. Doubts that increase especially in this period in which we return to talk about sem oil

It was one who came to our aid, giving us the definitive answer study of the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, the scientific journal ofAmerican Chemical Society.

This study, entitled "Monitoring of Quality and Stability Characteristics and Fatty Acid Compositions of Refined Olive and Seed Oils during Repeated Pan and Deep Frying", analyzed the behavior of various oils, subjected to frying and observed how olive is the one that best lends itself to this type of cooking. The reason is very simple: olive oil better tolerates the high temperatures reached during frying and this allows for healthier food preparation.

Scholars have explained how various oils, which possess multiple physical, chemical and nutritional properties, react in different ways when heated and sometimes this can lead to the formation of new compounds that are harmful to human health. Furthermore, the new compounds that derive from heating the oil are able to drastically reduce the nutritional values ​​of foods.

The aim of the study was therefore precisely to find out which oil was able to keep its properties almost intact even at high temperatures and following repeated uses.

Four different oils were tested:

  1. olive oil,
  2. corn oil,
  3. soybean oil
  4. sunflower oil.

They were all brought to very high temperatures (160 ° -180 °) and reused about ten times.

From this test it emerged that the only oil capable of maintaining high quality even in these conditions is the olive oil which has shown greater stability and resistance to heat and oxidative deterioration.

The other oils performed worse, especially sunflower oil, showing itself to be the most unsuitable for frying.

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