This is a good time to prune the hydrangea and make cuttings with the cut branches

Late winter is the perfect time to prune hydrangeas, but how do you do it right based on the variety or species? And what to do with cut branches? Don't throw them away! They can be used for decorations or to reproduce the plant by cutting

This is the right time for prune hydrangeas, the end of winter, when the night temperatures will be above zero and the frosts averted, the operation is necessary to obtain a beautiful and abundant flowering, from the pruning waste you can also obtain many portions of branches suitable for the preparation of the cuttings that in this period they will have ease in rooting.

In general, close with the pruning hydrangeas to give a compact shape to the bush by eliminating the branches that are too long and those that cross inside to favor the circulation of air in the center of the plant. However, not all hydrangeas can be subjected to the same type of pruning, once the species has been identified, here's how to proceed:


How to prune French hydrangeas (Hydrangea macrophylla)


THE Hydrangea macrophylla or French hydrangea, the classic grandmother's hydrangea, is recognized for its large globular inflorescence. It blooms on the branches of the previous year, so you will have to identify them and not cut them.

Eliminate only the dried flowers above the first or second pair of buds with a straight cut and instead cut the old and woody branches or the dry and thin ones at the base.

Be careful not to cut the branches that end with buds, called apical ones, the plant took a year to form this flower bud. Same goes for Hydrangea serrata.

How to prune wild hydrangeas (Hydrangea paniculata and H. arborescens)


It blooms on the branches of the current year, so it requires one vigorous pruning, shortening much the vegetation of the previous year, remove all the branches by cutting with a clean and straight cut above two pairs of buds. The shorter the branch, the bigger the flower!

Eat potare the Hydrangea quercifolia, H. implicata, H. petiolaris


These hydrangeas should be pruned only to contain them and after flowering, to clean them of damaged or weak branches.

Here is the video that explains how to prune hydrangeas:

And after you have pruned the hydrangeas?

Watch our video on how make a necklace with hydrangeas!

Finally, find out how to make one hydrangea cutting. Until the end of autumn is the perfect period, in order to have a rigorous seedling in Spring, to be planted in the open ground.

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