These tricks will entice you to do more physical activity, according to science

They are not programmed to love sports, but there are some tricks to put in place to enjoy the time spent training

They are not programmed to love sports and physical activity, but luckily there are some tricks we can put in place to enjoy the time spent training.

There are not many people who really love sports: most of us arm ourselves with good will, gathering motivation among a thousand things to do, and drag ourselves to the gym hoping to live up to the commitment made with the instructor. . In reality, we shouldn't blame ourselves too much if we don't like going to the gym. Our organism is genetically predisposed not to 'waste' more energy than necessary for unnecessary activities. A recent study even shows that some of us may find sports particularly difficult due to the mutation of a gene that would interfere with the oxygenation system of the cells, leaving us breathless more quickly and making training heavier.

However, we know that playing sports, whether we like it or not, is a great way to take care of our health and prevent the onset of pain and disease - which is why it is so important to train, regardless of age. Here are some suggestions to encourage us to get up from the sofa and go to the gym.


Finding a shoulder

If we really don't like going to the gym alone, we can sign up with a friend, with our partner or maybe with our sister: numerous studies have shown that working out together improves mood and the positive effects of sport. Even a recent study has shown that doing sports in a group improves the quality of life, because it would cause the release of higher levels of endorphins - the hormones of good mood - compared to solitary training.

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Choose a pink drink

It sounds absurd, but a pink drink consumed during training produces a feeling of well-being that can improve performance and endurance. A study was carried out on some participants in a marathon: some of them were made to drink a transparent colored drink, others proposed the same drink but with the addition of pink dye: those who drank the pink drink did not only he perceived it sweeter, but he was also more gratified by it and had a better result in the race. Make way for pink drinks, preferably homemade: in this, beetroot could prove to be a healthy natural colorant with numerous beneficial effects on the body!

Don't forget the music

A good playlist is what it takes to keep us company during training and to push us to go beyond our limits. In a recent study, participants were asked to do a small workout session with or without music: 95% of the volunteers said they had more fun training with music, even the sequence of exercises. it was the same. There is no need to choose eardrum-smashing music or fast-paced rhythms - even classical music or jazz can serve as an ideal background for our sport, helping to make the training experience much more enjoyable and rewarding.

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Rethinking pleasant moments

It would be nice to be able to remember a moment in our life when we trained with pleasure and fun - perhaps because in good company or because we were supervised by a particularly good and prepared instructor. We think back to that moment every time we train to improve our mood during the workout: a recent study conducted on a group of American college students, in fact, showed that those who kept even a memory of a satisfying and happy workout were driven to go to the gym more often than others. Curiously, recalling a negative experience also serves to motivate our commitment to training - this is because memory, for better or for worse, profoundly influences our way of living in the present and looking to the future.

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