These are the unsuspected fruits that will help you overcome your vitamin D deficiency (in addition to oranges)

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Vitamin D, also called the sun vitamin, is essential for the well-being of our body. Let's discover the fruit to bring to the table to counter a shortage and promote the right integration.

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La vitamin D it is necessary for the body to function and its deficiency can lead to loss of bone density, which can easily lead to osteoporosis and fractures.

Here are five fruits that will help you fill a possible vitamin D deficiency. In the event of a very serious deficiency, however, the advice is to always consult your doctor.

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In addition to being rich in Vitamin C, is also rich in vitamin is good for the skin and helps the immune system function properly.

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La banana is a rich source of Vitamin D. Not only does it strengthen your stomach and bones, but it helps keep you strong and energetic throughout the day. You can enjoy it alone or in the form of a smoothie, perhaps adding other fresh seasonal fruit. Remember to buy them organic and fair trade.

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Vitamin D is found in abundance in apples. A simple fruit, but which is really good for our body. If you are not a lover of apples, we recommend that you blend them or use them as a dressing for a fresh summer salad.



THEwatermelon protects against dehydration and compensates for the lack of water in the body, while at the same time being a rich source of vitamin D.

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La papaya it is another fruit rich in vitamin D. It can be consumed in a thousand different ways, either alone or in the form of juice, or as a dressing for your salad. It is also good for the skin and digestion.

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