There are 15 unused parts of our body that are likely to disappear in the future

Some parts of the human body are quite useless, from wisdom teeth to appendages, here are the ones that will disappear in the future

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Some parts of the human body are quite useless, from wisdom teeth to appendages, here are the ones that will disappear in the future

Il Human Body it is a perfect machine, but there are some parts that we can define as a bit useless, such as the hair, the appendix or the wisdom teeth. Let's find out what the parts of our body that will disappear in the future.


Paranasali art

I paranasal sinuses they are empty bony cavities located within the bony structure of the skull. These when inflamed give life to the annoying sinusitis. However, no one knows what their specific function is and it is believed that they will disappear in the near future. 



Our eyebrows serve to protect the eyes from sweat, but most of them game present on the human body has no function and will soon disappear.

Auricular muscles

I ear muscles they allow you to move the ears, it is a useful part of the body for some animals, such as rabbits and dogs, but these muscles are of no use to us humans.

Wisdom teeth

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The first humans had to chew strong and resistant plants and roots; for them to use i wisdom teeth it was fundamental, but today the latter are unused. Furthermore, wisdom teeth care is very expensive and only about 5% of the population have these healthy teeth. We hope, therefore, that they are the first to disappear, which will mean less dental expenses.

Neck ribs

The ribs of the neck are series of cervical ribs, perhaps a remnant of the reptilian age, still appears in 1% of the population. Some people have them only on the left side or only on the right, while others have them on both sides. Unfortunately, this is another useless part of the body, often causing only nerve and artery problems.

Palmar muscle

This long, narrow muscle runs from the elbow to the wrist, and is missing in 11% of humans today. It used to be important for hanging and climbing, but today it's pretty useless.

Male nipples

Nipples are present in both men and women. THE male nipples, however, they have no function as men generally lack levels of prolactin necessary to stimulate breastfeeding and cannot produce milk.

Erector muscles of the hair

These small muscles allow animals to inflate their fur to isolate themselves or to intimidate potential enemies. Humans have retained this ability, which is the so-called goose bumps, but this has no function whatsoever.


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This narrow muscular tube attached to the large intestine served as a special area for digesting cellulose when the human diet consisted more of plant matter than animal protein. Today, however, our diet has totally changed so theappendix it no longer has the function it once did.

Thirteenth rib

Our closest cousins, the chimpanzees and gorillas, have a couple of extra ribs. Most of us have 12, but 8% of adults have one more; there thirteenth ribHowever, it is useless and one of the parts of the body will disappear.


Scientists have found that humans used to walk and balance on the midline of the feet, but now the balance is more towards the side of the big toe. Studies also show that our center of balance is still shifting inward. This means that humans once relied on toes to stay balanced, but this is no longer the case; so if this trend continues, we will no longer need toes in the future.


Il coccyx it is what remains of the tail, which most mammals, except man, still use for balance and communication.

Third eyelid

La third eyelid it is that small crease in the inner corner of the eye, which today has no function.

Darwin's tubercle

It is that little folded point of the skin placed on the upper part of the ears. It may be a remnant of a larger part of the ear, which was once used to perceive distant sounds.

Subclavian muscle

This little muscle, which stretches below the shoulder from the first rib to the collarbone, it would be useful if humans were still walking on all fours, but this is not the case so its presence is completely inappropriate.

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