The wonderful legend of the blue butterfly

The legend of the blue butterfly is an ancient oriental tale that wants to teach us something interesting about the meaning of life.

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La legend of the blue butterfly is an ancient oriental tale that wants to teach us something interesting about meaning of life.

According to the legend of the blue butterfly, many years ago a man was left a widower and had to take care of his two daughters alone.

The two girls were very curious, intelligent and always eager to learn. They always had many questions to ask their father to satisfy their desire for knowledge. Often the father was able to answer very wisely, however the questions of his daughters were quite complex and he was not always sure he knew how to give the right answer.

Since the daughters wanted to know the truth, the father decided to send them to live for some time with a wise man who lived on the top of a mountain. The wise man was capable of answer all questions that were addressed to him without ever hesitating.

However, the two sisters decided to set a small trap for the wise man to measure his wisdom. One night they began to devise a plan to ask the sage a question that he would not have been able to answer.


The older sister decided to put an idea into action right away. She went out into the open, went to capture a blue butterfly and hid it in her apron.

To his younger sister he gave this explanation:

“This will be our secret weapon to deceive the wise. We will ask him if the butterfly that is in my hand is alive or dead. If she says she's alive, I'll shake her hand to kill her. If she says she is dead, I will open my hand and free her. Therefore the answer that the wise man will give will always be wrong ”.


The younger sister accepted the proposal and together they went to look for the wise man.

Here then is that the sisters asked the sage:

"Could you tell us if the butterfly in my hand is alive or dead?".

The sage replied with a mischievous smile:

"It depends on you, since the butterfly is in your hands".

Our present and our future are only in our hands. We should never blame others if something goes wrong. If we get something good or if we are not happy with our life, we must remember that it is us we are the only ones who are truly responsible for our happiness, because true happiness is within us.

The blue butterfly represents the life that is in our hands and we alone can decide what we want to do with it.

Marta Albè

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