The woman who eats pet food to promote awareness of ingredients (VIDEO)

Dorothy Hunter, owner of the Paws Natural Pet Emporium store in Richland, Washington, is convinced that the food sold in her store is good for animals, but also good for people. For this reason she decided to follow a pet food diet for 30 days.

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There are organic or gluten-free products, natural and holistic food, croquettes or cans for all sorts of specialized diets, even vegan ones. Anyone who has recently walked into a well-stocked pet shop knows just how much variety of foods there are available to our cats and dogs.

With all of these options, it may come as no surprise that much of the ingredients in our pet food are just as nutritious and healthy as some products for humans. It is a woman who wants to prove it. It is about Dorothy Hunter, owner of the shop Paws Natural Pet Emporium in Richland, in the US state of Washington.

The shopkeeper is convinced that the food sold in her shop is good for animals, but also for people. Because of this for 30 days he decided to follow a diet based on pet food.

“I believe in our products and their goodness. I actually believe that our pets eat better than us ", said on his YouTube channel. "That said, for the next month, until July 19 ... I'll eat dog food for 30 days."

Hunter says she was inspired to try this new diet when she was filled with a sense of hunger as she filled the shelves with produce. “I didn't have time for a snack like that I got a bag of snacks", explains. Here she is during a feast of canned dog food:

Perhaps eating dog food for such a long time may not be healthy, as well as seeming Disgusting, but it's not that bad as an attempt to promote awareness of pet food ingredients. Unless it is yet another publicity stunt, as some users on the net point out ... Have any of you ever thought about tasting the food of his furry friends?

Roberta Ragni

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