The viral scientist's experiment on TikTok showing how a mask works effectively

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A video showing the usefulness of the mask, made by Bill Nye, a well-known American science writer, has gone viral on TikTok.

A video, made by American science writer, TV presenter and engineer Bill Nye, shows us how masks work. His experiment, which went viral on TikTok, allows us to understand very well why it is important to wear this device in order to limit the spread of Covid-19.

It is now known to everyone that masks are a valid help to slow down coronavirus infections, but Bill Nye in his video shows us concretely why, teaching us what he calls the "rules of science", using a very simple system that everyone they can understand.

Basically, the American science writer has decided to do an experiment to demonstrate the effectiveness of the masks in preventing the particles of our respiratory system from entering the air that other people will then breathe.

In video, made in two parts, first Bill takes a scarf, explaining however that this tool "can block the movement of air, but only up to a certain point". In fact, we see the scientist who, after wearing the scarf over his mouth, blows on the candle which goes out. This is therefore not a very effective solution to prevent respiratory particles from spreading into the air.

For his second experiment, Bill takes a washable cloth mask and blows on the candle again, but this time the flame barely moves. It is therefore an effective tool and the scientist concludes: “if you wear one of these, you are protecting yourself and those around you”.

Finally the last experiment is done with an N95 mask, in this case the flame does not even flinch.

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Bill, after showing the candle experiment, can only conclude by launching an appeal:

"When out in public PLEASE wear a face mask".

Source: TikTok

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