The very dangerous and obscure vitamin supplement to lose weight that is becoming popular on TiTtok

Can an obscure vitamin supplement help you lose weight? No and in any case there is no single rule that applies to everyone. Don't be fooled by the trends that pass on social networks

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She is Aida Azizii, 25, who puts before and after photos on TikTok: before, obviously with a few extra pounds, and after, dry as an anchovy. And the beauty that she also explains how she managed to lose weight: all thanks toinositol, he explains, a type of carbohydrate present - among other things - also in rice.

In the TikTok clip, displayed four million times, Aida explains in detail how and when she would have taken inositol-based supplements and that she had "changed her life".

I've tried everything from prescription drugs to every diet you can imagine, and nothing has worked that way.

From there to imitations on social networks the step was short, as well as the rushes to the shops to empty shelves, so much so that some retailers - we are in London - said that sales of inositol supplements doubled in the week following the video, which went online on March XNUMXst, and it is still the most searched article on his website.

The question is now legitimate: does it work? No. Or at least, it is never recommended to recommend supplements to everyone without making differences in age, gender, weight and without considering the presence of any pathologies.

What is Inositol

Improperly defined vitamin, it is a substance that we take in part with food and is partly synthesized by our body. It can in fact be produced autonomously by our organism starting from glucose which does not happen instead in the case of vitamins proper.

There may be some cases where the doctor decides to prescribe a inositol supplement if, after careful analysis, a deficiency is highlighted or you are in a particular moment of your life in which some health problems have arisen.

There are valid properties of inositol, such as that of contributing to energy metabolism or producing useful energy for the body. This substance is then useful for the purification of the organism, as it has positive effects on liver function, and has also been shown to be able to lower blood cholesterol levels. Finally, inositol is also useful on the female side promoting the normal ovarian cycle.

HERE you will find all the benefits of inositol.

Like the B vitamins, inositol is also water-soluble and therefore dissolves in water and it is generally well tolerated. However, this does not mean that you can take this supplement lightly. Any side effects, especially when taken in high doses, such as laxative effect, nausea and stomach pain, they are always around the corner.

The inositol supplement, as well as all other types of supplements commonly found in pharmacies, it should only be taken on medical advice e if an actual deficiency has been found.

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