The vegetarian diet lowers blood pressure

The vegetarian diet keeps blood pressure at bay. If you have high blood pressure, eat less meat or eliminate it altogether. In short, become a vegetarian!

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The vegetarian diet keeps blood pressure at bay. If you have high blood pressure, eat less meat or eliminate it altogether. In short, become a vegetarian and goodbye to blood pressure devices and various pills!

The solution is around the corner: go Red meat of our tables, also guilty of doubling the risk of heart attack, diabetes and cancer.

This is strongly supported by a study published in Jama and made by some Japanese researchers in collaboration with colleagues from the Physicans Committee for Responsible Medicine in Washington.

The team analyzed the data collected by 39 previous researches: 7 clinical studies and 32 observational studies for a total of 21.604 participants, whose results were compared in terms of systolic pressure (the “maximum”), diastolic pressure (the “minimum”) and nutrition.

According to the analysis data, as regards the values ​​contained in the clinical studies vegetarians would have mean systolic blood pressure values ​​lower than omnivores of 4,8 mm of mercury (mmHg) and mean diastolic blood pressure values ​​lower than 2,2 mm. In the 32 observational studiesinstead, the difference rises to -6,9 mmHg for systolic and -4,7 mm for diastolic blood pressure.

"Our analysis found that vegetarian diets can lower blood pressure very effectively, and the evidence for this is now definitive," he said Yoko Yokoyama principal author of the review and researcher at the National Cerebral and Cardiovascular Center in Osaka, Japan.

Do not eat meat and more. Researchers urge that even more are included in our diets foods of plant origin, generally low in fat and rich in fiber, which have the precious characteristic of keeping weight under control, lowering cholesterol and blood sugar. In addition, plant foods "are often low in sodium and high in potassium and potassium lowers blood pressure", says Yokoyama.

And remember that it's still not enough! Blood pressure goes hand in hand with sale consumption: not adding it at all to what we eat is a favor we do to ourselves and to our blood.

Finally, we also look at the environment. According to a study published in the British Medical Journal, decreasing the consumption of meat would mean not only keeping an eye on our health, but also determining the reduction of emissions of 28 million carbon dioxide per year (data concerning England only).
This would contribute to a reduction of the greenhouse effect, caused by deforestation in favor of new pastures and by intensive cattle breeding. So, get ready to become all vegetarians by 2050?

Germana Carillo

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