The true meaning of Christmas

    The true meaning of Christmas

    What is the true meaning of Christmas? December has arrived and brings with it one of the most heartfelt holidays in the world. But is it a religious holiday? Or just consumerism?

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    What is the true meaning of Christmas? We are now, December 25 is almost here and brings with it one of the most heartfelt holidays in the world. But is it a religious holiday? Or just consumerism?

    There are different Christmas trees each year, DIY decorations and then dinners, lunches, snacks, bursting refrigerators and a frenzied shopping spree. Escaping these dynamics is very difficult, even if we often promise ourselves.

    "No this year, we only buy what is necessary" and then we find ourselves throwing food in the garbage or buying items that we do not need, just because we have to have packages under the tree. But maybe we can change something in our habits, starting by asking ourselves what Christmas is for us?

    For many, this holiday represents the rebirth, a breaking point with the past and a new beginning, for others it is time to take stock, for off-site students it is the pampering of family and the human warmth of friends and relatives.

    But there are also those who live everything with deep stress. The tree that must be done by force, the gifts to buy on the 24th afternoon half an hour before closing, shopping carts to be transported, the relatives to invite etc etc… Everything turns into anxiety and tension.

    Instead, we should find the true sense of Christmas, but there is no magic formula to do it. When we say that Christmas must be in the heart, it is not so much to say: imagine, for example, going out to buy gifts, finding beautiful objects, but then not having friends to give them to. Imagine still wanting to organize a beautiful dinner complete with candles and colorful plates, but then not having relatives to invite.

    There would be many examples to do, but these two are enough to understand that if during our life we ​​have the Christmas in the heart, probably on December 25 we will reap the benefits.

    If during the year we maintain good relations with friends, we are welcoming with relatives, we take care of them and we do not invite them only to ordered parties, this could already be a good start to savor the true meaning of Christmas.

    For Christians, this period represents one new light, but if we think about it, it could also be for those who are not believers: exchanging good wishes and affection can make us see others in a new light.

    To be reborn again, one must not flee from oneself, because sometimes it is enough to see oneself under a different aspect and we obviously do not talk about the physical one. Stimulating mind and heart, opening up to others, trying to accept small failures, overcoming loneliness and telling oneself about the beauty of things, still giving oneself new goals.

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    So, for this year let's decorate our home, let's exchange gifts without abandoning ourselves to consumerism, but let's also look for the love that is inside us, overcoming tensions, conflicts and trying to forgive those who have hurt us. Only with peace in our hearts could we say that it really is Christmas.

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