The tricks for cooking eggs to the consistency you want

Eggs can be cooked in many ways, for example we can boil them, but there are those who like them completely hard-boiled and those who prefer the inside to remain softer. So how do you get eggs of the desired consistency?

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Cooking eggs perfectly is a bit of a little science. The harder or softer consistency of the egg white and yolk depends on several factors: the cooking time, the size of the eggs but also the conservation (whether in the refrigerator or at room temperature).

If you want to get a certain consistency of the yolk, it is essential to know the right cooking time for the eggs. When we prepare them, therefore, let's equip ourselves with a clock or a timer to start when the water boils and we have inserted the eggs.

If we consider a medium-sized egg (weighing between 53 and 63 grams) we should cook it for a certain amount of minutes:

  • Soft-boiled eggs: 3 minutes
  • Eggs with hard egg white and semi-liquid yolk: 4 minutes and a half
  • Eggs with soft yolk: 7 minutes
  • Hard-boiled eggs (the yolk is also hard): 10 minutes

If we consider a small egg it takes 30 seconds less while for larger eggs we add 30 seconds.

As for conservation, on the other hand: if the egg was in the refrigerator it may take an extra minute.

Even the altitude at which we are could make the cooking time vary a little, this depends on the boiling point which changes depending on where we are. In the mountains, for example, we should cook the egg for a few more seconds.

Other tips for cooking eggs perfectly:

  • when the water boils, carefully place the eggs in the saucepan with the help of a spoon
  • always set the timer
  • when the cooking time is over, remove the eggs from the saucepan and let them cool under cold water
  • better not to use eggs that have just been removed from the refrigerator but leave them for some time at room temperature before cooking them (this reduces the risk of the shell breaking).

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