The "trick" of the curtains to not waste the heat of the radiators and save on the bill

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Here are some tips to help you make the most of the radiators without wasting energy unnecessarily and fighting the expensive bill

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The use of radiators it is not to be demonized. If used wisely, they can be a valuable aid in countering the cold. But these days, unregulated use can weigh too much on our wallets.

The secret is not to consume less, but better. Emphasizing as always that the heaters should be turned on only in case of need and not for many hours in a row, we must make sure to make the most of the heat emanating from them. To make this happen, there must be no "filters" in front of the radiator, which prevent the heat from spreading into the room.

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So off are curtains, radiator covers and other drapery: the fabric, in fact, creates a barrier that absorbs heat, forcing us to keep the system temperature higher - thus wasting energy and money. If even in winter we do not want to give up the beauty of the curtains, we can opt for very light fabrics (which will block less heat) and maybe keep them closed when the radiators are in operation - then reopening them with the radiators off, to block the heat inside the apartment and amplify the action of the heaters. Alternatively, we can choose shorter curtains that cover the window but not the radiator underneath, so as not to block the heat.

In reverse, the windows must be kept tightly closed when the radiators are on, because they isolate the apartment from the outside and allow to keep the heat inside. An investment that can be made for the thermal insulation of the house is represented by the double-glazed windows: in the same way as the double glazing present in the door of our oven, designed to isolate the heat inside the appliance, these windows will allow to maintain the warm house even hours after the radiators have been switched off. If we do not have the possibility to replace the shutters and if the ones we have do not guarantee good insulation, we can also close the shutters when we turn on the heaters. Finally, remember to open the windows during the hottest hours of the day, to ventilate the rooms without letting in too cold air from outside.

 HERE you can find other tricks to use the radiators wisely, saving energy.

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