The training of the warrior goddess, to rediscover the power of (her) feminine

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The training of the warrior goddess, the book by Heather Ash Amara: a path to liberate and honor one's feminine and live more fully and authentically, with loving kindness towards the world.

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There is no doubt that we live in a substantially male-dominated society: this inevitably reflects on the contents - implicit and declared - of the role and value of women and peculiarity of the "feminine". On closer inspection, even many "feminist" positions are actually nothing more than a search for equality within an undisputed and "male chauvinist" social, cultural, organizational and management model: it is no coincidence that "woman with balls" is one of the positive verbal acknowledgments that our culture attributes to the representatives of the "fair sex" who show resilience, determination and a thousand other abilities. The "balls" are male attributes, winning, productive, effective.

On the contrary, those behaviors (of women) that are not “functional” to the male-dominated culture, are traced back to lunacy (in a derogatory sense), to pre-during-post menstrual hysteria and so on. The "ovaries" are problematic, humoral, require a different management of time and rhythms (they become a possible value only when you want to have a child).

In this overall reading, the majority of men and women are implicitly found: which is not so strange, for practical reasons (the world is, for the most part, organized like this) and cultural (centuries and centuries impregnated, even in the unconscious). collective, of this model are not easy to let go).

Yet it wasn't always like that. For example, for thousands of years, in villages and tribes around the world, women came together to share, teach, listen, learn, and period was a special time for the whole community. Tells Spider, the Native American matriarch, in her book Songs of Bleeding:

“When women began to menstruate, they left their homes and families to go to the sacred introspective space of the Bloody Shed. The shed was honored and respected by the entire community because the dreams and visions of menstruating women provided vital information for survival - such as, for example, about planting and healing - and a guide to relationships within the community. When there were issues that needed to be resolved, the women went to the Shed and asked their ancestors ". It was there, withdrawn from everyday life, that the wisdom of women was transmitted and new insights and visions were shared for the benefit of the entire community.


Are there other possible ways, for women and men, with respect to the cultural and organizational model that is dominant today? Yes of course. To be able to walk them, first though women must rediscover the ancient awareness of their authentic nature and "power": it is a question of welcoming and valuing differences, honoring qualities, being and feeling non-ordinary rhythms, nourishing a holistic vision, capable of including multiple levels.

For those who feel the call to take this journey within their feminine power, a good ally is "The Training of the Warrior Goddess - Become the Woman You Really Are" by Heather Ash Amara (Punto d'Incontro editions).

The book is a sort of practical manual, full of anecdotes that help to better understand where one is, focus the intention, start walking in personal transformation; each chapter ends with a section dedicated to exercises and food for thought, to let go of patterns and habits that are no longer needed.

It is worth reading it, to remember that each woman, with loving kindness, can create a reality on the outside that authentically reflects who she is on the inside. Not only that: every woman can wear harmony and healing inside and outside of oneself, drawing on wisdom of the ancient archetypal feminine trinity of the maiden, the mother and the old woman (which intertwine curiosity, exploration, innocence, play; the energy of birth and nurturing - whether of a child or a projection of the heart -; the energy of sustainable, long-term, beneficial actions that nourish the entire tribe without discrimination, and of the visionary wisdom for the highest good of all). It's just a matter of reconnecting.

Anna Maria Cebrelli

Cover illustration: Kevin Roodhorst (117 AD)

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