The tick that makes meat allergic is back: cases increase in the United States

The tick that makes people allergic to red meat gets back to talk. In fact, the cases in the United States have increased

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Remember the mint that "turns vegetarians"? Well, it goes back to being talked about since in the United States the cases of patients bitten by this insect have increased and consequently become allergic to red meat.

Doctors across the nation are seeing an increase in sudden allergic attacks, even serious, following the consumption of steaks, hamburgers and other meat-based dishes in subjects who were previously absolutely free from this problem. The fault would be of the mint already famous a couple of years ago for the particularity of triggering this unusual allergy.

It is the Lone Star mint particularly widespread in the southeastern parts of the United States, although experts believe that other types of ticks could also cause allergies to meat, as some cases have also been reported in Australia, France, Germany, Sweden, Spain, Japan and Korea.

Among other things, it is not easy to understand immediately what is the problem to face if a patient arrives at this tick: in fact, most people are not aware of the risks of these bites and the same Healthcare professionals find it difficult to recognize the problem, as allergists explain: "Why would anyone think they are allergic to meat when they have eaten it all their life?"

Symptoms by the way, unlike what happens with other allergies, can occur for up to eight hours after eating meat e the culprit is a sugar injected by ticks (which triggers an immune reaction in the human body) while most food allergies are caused by proteins.

It is not yet known whether the allergy is deadly or not, some patients have shown a decrease in specific antibodies over time even if many of them, after the bad experience, remain very reluctant to go back to eating meat.

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