The sense of true love explained by The Little Prince

On the occasion of Valentine's Day, we want to rediscover love in its simplest and purest form. Which? Saint-Exupéry's masterpiece teaches us this

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Love is a noble feeling very different from loving. A wise teacher in this sense is The Little Prince, the book that among other things. explains between the lines the nature of true love.

I love you. Two very sweet words that often take a long time to arrive in a couple relationship. Because if you think about it, they are given extraordinary importance. Before saying them, you want to be really sure that you feel love for the person next to you or that you receive the same enthusiasm.

In couples it can happen that you argue precisely for this: when one of the two is not willing to love the other, with all his strength. But love is a charged feeling that can pervade us even when we are not reciprocated.

Feelings do not go on command, it would be convenient, right? We end up thinking about a person intensely and feeling desperate that we are completely indifferent to him. There isn't one Magic formula to stop loving, you just need to have a lot of patience and hope that the encounter with another person makes your heart beat just as intensely.

To love is apparently easier, but it is absolutely not like that. We say this to our family members, friends, our pets, but despite being an inflated word, it never risks being trivialized.

In a sense, the emotional wisdom of the nature of love is to be interpreted between the dialogues of The little Prince, the masterpiece of Saint-Exupéry, especially in the one with the rose.

From The Little Prince:

“The little prince also tore the last shoots of baobabs with a certain melancholy. He believed he would never come back. But all those usual jobs, that morning, seemed extremely sweet to him. And when, he watered his flower for the last time, and prepared to shelter it under a glass dome, he found that he had a great desire to cry.

Farewell, he said to his flower.

But he didn't answer him.

Farewell, he repeated.

The flower coughed. But it wasn't because he was cold.

I was a fool, he finally told the flower. Excuse me and try to be happy.

He was struck by the lack of reproaches, and stood there bewildered, with the glass bell hanging in the air. He couldn't understand that sweetness.

And yes, I love yousaid the flower. You didn't know because of me. This doesn't matter. But you were as foolish as I was. Try to be happy and leave that glass bell. I do not want it anymore.

(…) Then he added: Don't delay any longer, it's annoying. You have decided to leave. So go.

He didn't want me to see him cry. It was such a proud flower ...

The story of the Little Prince and his rose is a kind of parable about the nature of true love. The Little Prince leaves his Planet because of the rose, but it is also the reason why he wants to go back. A complex and controversial relationship between the two, which reflects what happens when two people love each other.

He leaves his planet because he is bothered by the vanity of his flower. that he just asks, but when he's away he doesn't stop thinking about how important they are to each other. When he sees the garden of roses, which look just like his special flower, he feels a strange melancholy.

The Little Prince thought that his rose was unique and precious, now he thinks it is worthless. But it is the fox that sheds light on it: the rose is and will always be special for him because he loved and nurtured it. It is at that moment that the prince understands the importance of looking beyond the surface and discovers the essence of true love: fidelity and the desire to feel unconditionally.

A very different feeling from what the Little Prince has with the fox:

“If you tame me, we will need each other. You will be the only boy in the world for me. I will be the only fox in the world for you. Friends are not found in shops ".

To love therefore means to desire the best of the other, even when the reasons are different. To love is to allow the other to be happy, even when his path is different from ours. It is a disinterested feeling that arises from the desire to give oneself, to offer oneself completely from the bottom of the heart. For this, love will never be a source of suffering.

To love is to give the other a place in our heart so that he remains there as a partner, father, mother, brother, son, friend; to love is to know that even in the heart of the other there is a special place for us. Giving love does not exhaust its quantity, on the contrary, it increases it. And to return all that love, one must open one's heart and let oneself be loved.

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