The Queen's garden: what will she have planted?

The Queen of the United Kingdom Elizabeth II, has her own private organic garden

He is about to end up run over, his mother saves him

Barack Obama likes it, we know, but so does his wife Michelle. Everyone likes it, probably even "his haughty" Queen of the United Kingdom Elizabeth II, who, to be honest, lately manages to make a greater breach in the hearts of her people and of those who are not British. So, even Elizabeth II has its own organic garden private.

As we know, Michelle Obama has allocated a small portion of the White House gardens to an organic vegetable garden, an action that has had a positive and global impact. The Obamas like them and what harm is there if the Queen also allocates a part of the royal garden of Buckingam Palace to vegetable garden? Maybe you might need our tips for growing herbs? But let's dispel a myth, maybe, who knows. It is probable that it was not the chatter between Ladies that promoted the cultural initiative across the Channel; it seems to be rather the wave that is moving along the British island, where garden care has always been a cult, and today garden care is becoming so too. To confirm, there are requests for state-owned land for cultivation, for which there is one waiting list of over 100.000 people.

Grow your own vegetable garden it is therefore very popular, and the Queen will not have let slip the possibility of being close to so many subjects. It is not known which vegetables she planted, but perhaps we can imagine one: in England the cucumber is a must.

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