The perfect combination of food with the best Champagne

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In recent years, experts have spread the versatility of this drink that can easily be paired with even common and simple foods

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Lo champagne it has always been considered a particular bubble to be confined exclusively to occasions that required the combination of expensive foods. In recent years, however, experts have spread the particular versatility of this drink, which can be easily combined with even the most common and simple foods.

There are several on the market types of champagne, distinguishable according to the type of grape used, the processing methods, the quantity of sugar present in the product and the year of production.

Knowing all the nuances of the different Champagnes produced by the well-known brands in the sector takes time, however, through this article we will try to combine the different types of champagne with the common foods of the territory, so as to facilitate the recognition of the right combinations for lunches, dinners and aperitifs.


The best known types of Champagne

The well-known brands champagne producers they distinguish their products with many different names that are placed side by side with the denomination of the category to which they belong. The categories of champagne più note sono cinque: Blanc De Blancs, Blanc De Noirs, Rosé, Millesimato and l'Extra Brut or Brut Nature.

Il White Of Whites contains all the champagnes made with only white grapes, while the White and black includes products made with black berried grapes. The Rosé it is a particular category that is made by maceration and assembly.

Lo vintage champagne is a product that is obtained through the assembly of wines belonging to a single vintage and, finally, theExtra breed is a category of champagne that contains a reduced amount of residual sugar which makes the champagne "dry".

How to combine champagne with food

The great experts of the sector argue that it is not necessary to create a great event to uncork French bubbles, whatever the occasion to toast, uncorking a champagne is always a magical and pleasant adventure.

To drink champagne it is also possible to use traditional flutes, however, to bring out the aromas it is recommended to use a tulip glass and keep the temperature of the bubbles between 8 and 10 ° C.

Champagne is a particular very versatile sparkling wine, it can be paired with desserts and cheeses. The general rule to apply for its combination is mainly focused on sweetness.

Champagne for an aperitif

Serving champagne for an aperitif is a common choice, especially on special occasions:

  • I White Of Whites they are perfect bubbles for aperitifs based on courses with a not too pronounced flavor. They can be paired with aperitifs based on long-aged cheeses, such as Pecorino, Parmigiano Reggiano and Bitto, or as an accompaniment to desserts based on fruit and vanilla.
  • I Brut Rosé they are perfect for more structured aperitifs, such as those based on scones, goat cheeses, vegetable chips and croutons with porcini or truffle paté. They are particularly suitable to end a meal, especially as an accompaniment to chocolate-based desserts or a good tiramisu.

Champagne and first courses

Among the first courses that best go well with champagne we find the risotto, especially those with porcini mushrooms and saffron. However, all the first courses with a delicate flavor are very suitable to be paired with a Blanc De Blancs champagne or, in rare exceptions, with an Extra Brut.

Champagne and sweets

Regarding sweets, thepairing of champagne must be carried out respecting the only rule present: never choose an Extra Brut. In fact, Brut Rosé are recommended for pairing with chocolate desserts, Blanc De Blancs for fruit desserts and possibly, on rare occasions, a Demi-Sec for more complex desserts. 

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