The Oxford confirmed side effect that will cause you to cut down on (or just stop eating) processed meat

Eating processed meat increases the risk of heart problems, according to a study urging people to reduce their consumption

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Eating processed meat increases the risk of heart problems: definitive confirmation has just come from the broader review of large-scale studies at the University of Oxford, calling on people to reduce (or even abolish) the consumption of sausages, bacon and sausages .

La processed meat - salami, sausages, ham - has entered our homes for its incredible practicality of use: just open a pack of ham to make a sandwich and thus prepare a lunch on the fly. Unfortunately, however, we pay dearly for the practicality in using these products, as well as their inviting taste (given by excessive doses of salt and aromas), as emerges from this study. 

This is not the first scientific work that highlights how the frequent consumption of meat excessively has very serious side effects on our health, but now the researchers of theOxford University they launch a concrete alarm to invite people to drastically reduce the consumption of processed meats or even eliminate these products from their diet, to lower the risk of dying from heart disease.

In fact, the study team showed that eating just 50 grams of processed meat every day (corresponding, for example, to a couple of slices of ham) increases the risk of heart disease by 18%, due to the high salt content. and saturated fats present in these foods: in particular, saturated fats increase the levels of bad cholesterol, with the consequent increase in blood pressure (cholesterol and high blood pressure are overt risk factors for the onset of heart problems). The risk drops to 9% if you consume unprocessed red meat (such as lamb, pork or beef) instead. No link has been found between the consumption of white meats and cardiovascular problems, because these meats have a reduced content of saturated fat.

In addition to the negative effects on our health, excessive meat production also has a serious impact on our planet, contributing significantly to greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, the environment would also benefit from a reduction in meat consumption.

Every year nearly nine million people die worldwide from diseases of the cardiovascular system, and many of the diseases are linked to unhealthy eating habits. Reducing or abolishing the consumption of meat, especially processed meat, could save the lives of many people and ease the pressure on national health systems.

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Oxford University source

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