The moving appeal of Sergio Costa after the return home of his daughter with cancer to politicians and to all of us

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While living the terrible experience of a tumor in his family, former Minister of the Environment Sergio Costa calls for health priorities concerning cancer prevention and treatment to be finally - and once and for all - addressed at a political level.

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Unfortunately, most of us know what it's like to have a loved one with cancer, but it's really hard to accept that cancer affects a young daughter.

This is what happened (also) to Sergio Costa, former Minister of the Environment, who in a long post on Facebook recalls the importance of prevention but also appeals for the political class, regardless of the "flag", to address some health priorities for the good of all.

What Sergio Costa says unfortunately sounds familiar to many people. Suddenly a young woman, during a routine screening, discovers that she has cancer and from there a real climb starts to arrive at a cure that - at best - is stable over the years and therefore definitive.

As the former Minister of the Environment says, his 33-year-old daughter Ornella found herself struggling with a bad disease that she bravely faced by undergoing an operation, fortunately successful.

But the path is far from over:

Now begins the long journey of cyclical checks. First every two months, then every six, then every year and so on until the doctor tells you that everything is fine. There is still a long way to go, but now we are all happy. You have always carried out periodic preventive checks with care, and you did well. If I hadn't done it, who knows what could have happened and maybe the story would have taken another direction.

After having lived this experience firsthand, Costa is keen to underline "the health priorities that every politician must look to in order to transform them into a project to be carried out for the good of all".

What do you need to work on? These are the key points:

  • Health education in schools
  • Free screening, in relation to age and risk bands (everyone must be able to afford the checks, not just those who have the money)
  • Drastic reduction of waiting lists (it is not possible to wait months and months for a check and then pay 200 or 300 euros and have it after 1 day)
  • Enough with the financialization of suffering (pain is not a number, but a face)
  • Humanization of hospitals

To you, dear Ornella, my dear daughter, you have finally returned home. One day, like this, doing a routine check ...

Posted by Sergio Costa on Friday, April 29, 2022

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Source: Sergio Costa Facebook

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