The most extreme heat ever recorded in Asia shows us what awaits us in the coming decades

Experts sound the alarm about the infernal heat wave that India and Pakistan have been experiencing since March, with temperatures never before experienced. According to science, what is happening in South Asia is what awaits us in the future if we do not reverse course

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Temperatures that have touched 50 ° in India have marked the months of March and April, having been the highest ever recorded in the country in the last 122 years. The same also in Pakistan given that since the beginning of spring South Asia has been affected by an anomalous heat wave with such humidity as to make it very difficult to bear the anomalous climate.

The complications of this extreme heat are not only due to poor wheat crops, the production of which has dropped dramatically both in terms of quantity and profit, but for human health, having affected more than a million people. and the climatic conditions being really intolerable.

Temperatures of this type can be common in India in May and June, but not in March and April where the climate is noticeably different, as the director of the climate change sector of The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) in New York also points out. Delhi Suruchi Bhadwal.

According to the World Meteorological Organization, heat waves such as that recorded in Asia ed other events of this magnitude will be inevitable in the decades to come since they are concrete manifestations of the climate crisis.

This is what scientists mean when they talk about climate disasters or when, with studies, research and possible future scenarios, trying to draw the attention of world leaders to a problem that affects everyone. And this is also what the IPCC Report outlines.

India is already giving us a wake-up call. And every country must realize that the warning signs will not be given to us forever,

said Dr. Bhadwal of TERI who invites her country to change the approach it has pursued up to now.

To cope with extreme heat in India, those who can afford it have relied on air conditioners and fans that have recorded a record peak in electricity consumption; 70% of electricity produced from fossil fuels such as coal. We are dealing with a vicious circle that must be broken.

Source: WMO/Twitter

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