The mid-day nap? It's good for the heart too!

A new study demonstrates the importance of an afternoon nap for heart health

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Nap what a desire! If there's one thing that really refreshes it's that afternoon nap, when - if you can! - crush that refreshing nap as soon as the afternoon begins. And not only that: a mid-day nap could reduce blood pressure and prevent a future heart attack in hypertensive individuals.

This is supported by research carried out by the European Society of Cardiology and presented at an international conference in London.

The researchers analyzed the relationship between naps and blood pressure of 386 hypertensive patients and found out how taking a break during a working day can help bring the values ​​back to normal. In addition, those who usually fell asleep for at least an hour in the afternoon suffer from less physical damage to the arteries and heart.

The lead author of the research, the Greek cardiologist Manolis Kallistratos, stresses as "with the nap the pressure is lowered a little, but still of a fundamental value to significantly reduce the problems".

The pressure, in fact, is reduced by about 5%, while the risk of having cardiovascular problems drops by more than 10 percentage points. These values, while seeming low, are still essential to reduce the chances of having a heart attack or other types of heart complications.

Already other studies they had supported the importance of a nap. Even if short, for example, a nap is also able to restore the levels of the body's hormones and proteins that fight stress and at the same time act on the proper functioning of the immune system. Finally, the afternoon nap proves to be the ideal solution for those who cannot guarantee the necessary hours of night rest.

In short, unplugging for a while in the middle of the day does nothing but good and already getting comfortable on a sofa or armchair gives its benefits. Good nap everyone!

Germana Carillo

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