The importance of direct contact with the earth

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We learn to reconnect with the earth ... literally! Our health is worth it.

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We learn to reconnect with the earth… literally! Our health is worth it.

“Flat terrain is an invention of architects. It is suitable for machines, not for human needs ... If modern man is forced to walk on the flat surface of asphalt and floors ... he is alienated from his natural and primordial contact with the earth. A crucial part of his being atrophies and the consequences are catastrophic for his psyche, for his balance and for the well-being of his entire person. "

Friedensreich Hundertwasser

Until a few hundred years ago, much of man's work required physical effort. He had to walk, run, work in the fields etc. In all these activities he was in most of the time direct contract with the land and this allowed him to live longer, better and healthier.

Under the sign earth is not inert substance, but a living being that breathes and lives.

Through its breath this wonderful planet generates a continuous flow of free electrons that are extremely beneficial for our health. Electrons that are real antioxidants capable of interrupting the oxidizing action of free radicals.

Free radicals which, as you well know, attack our immune system and favor the aging of the body.

To wear shoes with insulating soles and / or sleeping in beds isolated from the ground floor prevents this flow of electrons from coming into contact with our body. This is a little known thing and is one of the reasons why today I decided to tell you aboutimportance of direct contact with the earth.

Have you ever tried to sit on a lawn and look at the blue sky, or the stars, or to walk barefoot on the beach? It's a great feeling right?

Well yes, the oldest and most effective way to restore the health of the body is to put yourself in bare feet on the ground and now that spring has advanced into our days, we just can't miss this Extraordinarily beneficial "bath" of free electrons.

There are a wide range of clinically studied and measurable changes in the body associated with this "Grounding", including, changes in heart rate, respiratory rate, blood oxygenation, perfusion index, and skin conductance.

It has also been shown that the contact with the earth lowers and synchronizes cortisol levels in the blood, reduces muscle aches delayed onset, reduces inflammation, modulates neurological function e reduces oxidative stress.

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