The hug test: the way you hug each other reveals unexpected couple dynamics

Body language reveals many aspects of our way of being. The way of hugging reveals the secrets of your couple

Il body language it reveals many aspects of our way of being. In a pair the way in which the bodies communicate is really important starting, for example, with the way of hugging.

Hugging can reveal some secrets about partners. Then it becomes really interesting to find out the meaning of the different ways of hugging. There are friendly hugs and passionate hugs, each with their own hidden meaning.

The way of hugging can change depending on the moment you are experiencing and over the course of a couple's history. Hugging is a wonderful way to communicate. Here are the meanings of most common types of hugs.

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Protective hug

The protective embrace gives support and security, instills confidence and is very important to give well-being to the other.

Caress the shoulders and back

When in an embrace they caress the shoulders of the other, it expresses itself at the same time a great gesture of affection and protection. Caressing each other's shoulders and back creates a lot of tenderness.

Pat on the shoulder

In this case, perhaps we are still faced with a friendship which, however, could take a romantic direction in the future.

Delicate hug

This kind of hug that looks like a dance Recalls the embrace of first loves. It means that both of them are very happy right now.

Friendly hug

In a couple, love can be accompanied by friendship for which a hug can also express courage, support and generosity.

Tight hug

A tight hug is a sign of one strong attraction and a great passion but it can also indicate the fear of losing the other.

Hug raised

When during the embrace one of the two people lifts the other one is created a very intimate bond along with strong physical contact. In this case we are facing a really solid relationship.

Detached embrace

When during the embrace the bodies remain distant perhaps one of the two people is trying to get away, perhaps because he needs to take a break.

Eye to eye hug

Beyond the position of the body, hugging each other looking in the eyes indicates a strong and indissoluble bond, a very intense love.

Enveloping hug

In this case one of the two partners completely embraces the other who simply can let yourself go and be pampered.

Hug with hands in pockets

It is the sign of a very close couple, who loves to have fun and take life lightly. Both of them are fine, they joke together and they are happy.

And you how you hug each other?

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