The exercises to do at sunrise to fill up on vitamin D and more

The exercises to do at sunrise to fill up on vitamin D and more

9 symbols to live: gymnastic exercises to do every morning to enjoy all the benefits of the sun, exposing yourself to the rays at least 20 minutes a day

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9 symbols to live: gymnastic exercises to do every morning to enjoy all the benefits of the sun, exposing yourself to the rays at least 20 minutes a day

The morning sunlight has gold in its mouth.

The strong but at the same time gentle brightness that slowly invades the darkness of the night, of the deep peace that you feel simply "exposing yourself" to the rays that peek out, of the "sparkling" that is perceived in the air and in all the surrounding nature, ready to leave for a new day: a daily dose of love and beauty to be taken with the eyes, with the nose, with all the senses, with the skin. And if done with intention, will, even better. The certain effects: increase in profound well-being, in inner harmony.

It doesn't end there at all. No sir: the sun's rays (from dawn until about 9 in the morning) have a lot of other benefits "small change" but certainly not unimportant if you arespends for at least twenty minutes a day, basically every day.

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A surplus of vitamin D.

The morning rays stimulate very effectively, and without damage to the skin, the production of vitamin D.

Stronger bones

More vitamin D translates into better bone and musculoskeletal health (with lower risk of osteoporosis, arthritis, fractures)

Strengthened immune system

Vitamin D also supports the proper functioning of T cells and therefore makes the immune system stronger, helping it to modulate innate and adaptive responses.

Eye prevention

Vitamin D3 helps prevent macular degeneration: exposure to the very first rays of the sun reduces or removes the onset of this problem over time (which can occur especially in the third or fourth age). For everyone: daily exposure improves vision quality.

A boost to metabolism

Well, the sun's rays will certainly not make you lose weight per se, they are not used as a substitute for a diet but it is certain that they accelerate the metabolism; the morning ultraviolet rays help those with important weight problems and also in the prevention of diabetes mellitus, they facilitate digestive functioning.

Better sleep

The early morning light harmonizes our circadian rhythms and therefore also favors our night rest. Exposure also promotes the production of melatonin, which improves sleep quality.

The brain stays active

Several researches have shown that both the lack of exposure to sunlight and the insufficiency of vitamin D can lead to cognitive difficulties; those who love to take morning sun baths have greater thinking skills and attention span.

Help against depression and hypertension

Enjoying, for at least half an hour every day in the early morning, in the light of the sun helps to increase the levels of seratonin; it has a relaxing effect and helps you feel better about yourself, regulates appetite, helps memory and mood.

In addition, the skin begins to release nitric oxide which helps lower blood pressure and is a preventative factor in cardiovascular disorders.

9 symbols to experience

And so far we are in what science can see, has shown up to now. But if you want, there is more: "Nothing you can do in life is as important as watching the sun rise, since no activity is capable of transforming you so profoundly": remember Frame Mikhael Aivanhov. More than simply "assisting", in reality, it is a question of being actively with what is happening, meditating. It is the practice of sun yoga.

Alternatively or in addition, for everyone but really everyone, it is possible to do an unprecedented and simple gymnastics: this is what the precious book + DVD explains with a rich detail of information "Nine symbols to live"Of the Prosveta Editions. Essential theoretical and practical manual to collect not only the "official" benefits of exposure to the first rays of the sun but also other new ones for the soul and the spirit.

The basic principle is practice: only "movement" (determined by will and action) can produce a "warmth" (of love, of feeling) which is also, at the same time, "light" (thought, understanding). Just as it is enough to take two pieces of wood and with commitment rubbing them together until the heat produced causes a flame, light to spring, in the same way we can, through specific movements - repeated constantly over time - activate new energies and forces. spiritual within us.

The exercises to be done (at sunrise) are part of the original teaching of the Master Peter Deunov and resume the design of particular symbols:

  1. the triangle of the spirit
  2. the triangle of matter
  3. the seal of Solomon
  4. the solar disk
  5. Shin
  6. the caduceus of Hermes
  7. the cross
  8. Alef
  9. infinite

“A symbol is an idea made flesh, a spirit that comes to incarnate. Through that flesh, that body which is the symbol, we must try to rediscover the idea, the strength, the energy that exists above. To understand the symbols it is necessary to live them ”, says Aivanov. And then, specifically on gymnastic exercises, which also have as their purpose the development of the will, he specifies: “The geometric figures of the symbols, to which the different movements correspond, are related to certain spiritual forces and entities. When you draw these figures in space, you attract the forces and entities connected to them, to work in you and they will help you to embody in you or on earth a force, a quality, a virtue or an idea that dwells in the divine world " .

The exercises involve moving the body in six directions: right and left (to harmonize our emissive aspects - thought - with the receptive ones - heart); back and forth (we start with 3 steps backwards, which correspond to a phase of introspection, and then take the same number forward, to manifest themselves in a more adequate and centered way); above and below, associated with heaven and earth, with the world of spirit and matter (while in the intermediate region, where the exchanges between above and below take place, the psychic world, of the soul, is represented). By acting on the physical, effects are also produced on all subtle, energetic-spiritual bodies.

There is no need to believe it. Just try, relying on the practice without prejudice. Alarm clock aimed following the rhythm of the sun (dawn, as we know, has different times according to the seasons) and then go out, preferably in the nature of a park or a small garden; alone or in company (which can be even more fun, as well as effective). Then observing what happens over time. Warning for those who struggle to get up early: exercises can also be done later, as long as they are always in the morning and before lunch.

In the worst case, there will be a little more elasticity, the beauty of the early morning hours, full of vitamin D and everything else known allopathically, without side effects (these days, it's not a little). Or ... if you feel like it, will you tell us later?

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