The diet that extends life? Low protein and semi-fasting 2 times a week

Our daily diet can help us slow down aging. Experts evaluated the effects on humans of a semi-fasting diet. It is a question of reserving particular calorie restrictions for only 2 days a week, following very specific rules.

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Fast 2 days a week to live longer - Our daily nutrition can help us slow down aging. Experts evaluated the effects of a diet based on the semi-fasting. It is a question of reserving details a week, following very specific rules.

Lo study in question was published in the scientific journal Cell. The research was carried out under the guidance of Luigi Fontana, full professor of medicine and nutrition atUniversity of Brescia and at the Washington University of Saint Louis, with the collaboration of di Linda Partrige, researcher at University College London.

Experts do not speak of a complete fast, but of a semi-fast. They propose a diet based on 2 non-consecutive days of semi-fasting per week. Fasting does not have to be complete. The researchers asked the volunteers to eat only raw or cooked vegetables for 2 two days a week with a couple of tablespoons of oil, for a total of 500 calories.

Another tip concerns the restriction of daily protein intake. Protein should only provide 10-12% of your daily calories. The sources of energy for the body will be represented by carbohydrates. In addition, experts indicate to largely replace animal proteins with vegetable proteins.

“Animal proteins contain certain types of amino acids that increase the damage produced by metabolism to cells. Vegetable ones contain fibers, which shape the trillions of bacteria that populate our digestive system in order to reduce inflammation ”- said Fontana. Experts advise to have an early dinner, with a plate of vegetables, and of eat meals within 8 hours, starting in the morning, to respect the body's circadian rhythms.

Il fasting - or in this case the semi fasting - is considered beneficial for the body because in periods of food shortage our body has the possibility to pause and slow down its metabolic functions and consequently also the damage that the metabolism causes to the cells.

This dietary scheme was born in the laboratory and seems to be well tolerated by the volunteers who have been asked to follow it. However, not all nutrition experts would agree with the benefits of fasting, arguing that our body always follows constant rhythms and should also do so in nutrition.

In any case, the authors of the new study argue that reducing food intake - avoiding malnutrition - it can contribute to counteracting the aging processes and the diseases associated with it in humans.

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According to the researchers, the new results are paving the way for dietary-specific interventions with the aim of regain all the potential benefits of calorie restriction in the feeding following an easy to respect scheme.

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