The advantages of drinking hot water and how to prepare it (VIDEO)

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We all know that drinking enough water throughout the day is very important for maintaining the right level of hydration. But few are aware that it would be good to drink it hot to get the most benefits. So we reveal the advantages of drinking hot water and how to prepare it.

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We all know that drinking a sufficient amount of water throughout the day it is very important to maintain the right level of hydration. But few are aware of the fact that it would be good to drink it hot for maximum benefits. So we reveal the advantages of drinking hot water and how to prepare it.

In Ayurvedic tradition regularly drinking hot water is a very common practice and useful for eliminating excess Ama (i.e. undigested). For us Westerners, at the beginning it might not be easy to switch from the habit of drinking water from the refrigerator (or at best at room temperature) to that of pouring a glass of hot water. We may initially feel that we are not quenching our thirst or feel a different taste in our mouth than usual. However, it takes very little to get used to it and feel the benefits that this simple, economical and affordable practice offers.


Drinking hot water offers several benefits to our body. First of all helps improve metabolism and therefore it can also be a help when you want to lose weight. Water is also important for our body as it favors proper hydration (the beneficial effect will be noticed for example on the skin) but also to yours detoxification, if the temperature is higher than the ambient one, the effect will be even stronger. That's why si recommend starting the day with a glass of hot water, or hot water and lemon.


Hot water, especially on an empty stomach, also contributes to restart intestinal functions and if used regularly (in the morning as soon as you get up and in the evening before going to sleep) it can improve cases of constipation. Using hot water (previously boiled) can then promote digestion and, indirectly, also the immune system as it decreases the presence of microorganisms.

Hot water can finally help blood circulation and alleviate abdominal cramps due for example to the menstrual period thus acting as a sort of natural pain reliever. The heat, in fact, relaxes the abdominal muscles which in this way will be less subject to painful spasms.

As the Paola Assunta Buccarella in a video interview, i cellular mechanisms which are based on exchanges of water inside and outside the cells themselves, they are especially active when the water is at a temperature higher than that of the body.

In summary, drink warm water:

Improve metabolism


• It favors thehydration of the body

• Improves bowel function and cases of constipation

It soothes cramps and pains

• Helps the immune system

• Helps digestion

• Improves the appearance of the skin

• Promotes cellular well-being


The water it must be boiled first, even for about ten minutes, e then left to cool for a while (obviously you shouldn't burn yourself). Everyone can evaluate which is the most suitable temperature for their body, the important thing is that it is always higher than the ambient temperature.

It can be used any type of water, including tap water. However, it is important to know that it would be good to drink hot water away from meals in such a way as not to interfere with digestion and therefore to be able to act better at the cellular level. For example, you can drink about twenty minutes before meals or two and a half hours later. Excellent early in the morning to immediately cleanse the body that has already done a detox job during the night.

The amount of water to drink each day varies from person to person. It starts from about 1 liter - 1 and a half liters distributed throughout the day. Once the practice has begun, it is often the body itself, once it has recovered its physiological mechanisms, to give us signals and push us to drink the quantity useful for our specific situation.

Even when you are away from home you can drink hot water just by taking it with you a piccolo thermos to draw from whenever you need it.

So remember to:

Boil the water for about 10 minutes

• Let it cool down

• Drink it throughout the day away from meals

• Take a thermos with hot water with you when you are away from home

You have already tried the benefits of drinking hot water?

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