The absurd method of burnt orange to regain taste and smell after Covid goes crazy on TikTok

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An absurd trick is depopulating on TikTok that involves eating a burnt orange to recover the lost taste after the covid

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Some people, as is now known, after contracting Covid lose their sense of smell and taste. To retrieve them on TikTok a quite absurd remedy is depopulating and which obviously has nothing scientific. In a series of videos, several people claim that eating a burnt orange can help regain lost senses.

What are the benefits of eating a burnt orange against post-Covid taste loss? Obviously none, yet many people are convinced that to regain the ability to smell flavors just use this simple trick.

Some users on TikTok, such as @ katie.kotlowski and her roommate, explain that after losing their sense of taste they used the following method with success: put an orange directly on the stove element (in this case it's electric) until turns black, then peel it, mash it in a cup and add brown sugar. Finally you have to eat it all.


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In another video, the orange is placed directly over a gas flame until the entire surface is charred, then it is crushed and brown sugar is added. The user who filmed it explains that this remedy can help "if you have lost your taste buds", although it is not specified whether this is due to Covid or other reasons. 


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Il Dr. Amin Javer, director of St. Paul's Sinus Center and professor of surgery at the University of British Columbia's medical school, says this system is particularly curious:

I don't think there is any hard evidence to support the claim. It does not make sense.

According to a meta-review of international studies that sampled 8438 patients, more than 82% of them regain their sense of taste within a month. The loss of taste and smell is, therefore, in most cases a side effect of the temporary covid and this could be precisely the reason why the original orange “trick” has gained ground and many people are convinced that it works. 

A Facebook post, for example, suggests skeptics to “Keep trying [the orange recipe] until it works".

YOU HAVE TO KEEP DOING ITbut I can faintly taste and smell

Posted by Mia Milani on Sunday, December 20, 2020

The premise, however, is not entirely without foundation, the smell of a burnt orange can also be strong enough to be grasped by those with weakened senses, however, as Dr. Javer explains, training the sense of smell is much more complicated than that and patients will need to expose themselves to different scents - usually rose, lemon, clove and eucalyptus - several times a day for weeks or months.

It is no coincidence that there are also some TikTok users who have tried the orange trick without success.  


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 Dr. Javer points out that:

The most important message to convey is: stay safe. This is not a proven treatment. It has no scientific basis. But there are scientific treatments available, such as retraining therapy, Vitamin A [drops], Omega 3. All of these things… have been scientifically proven to work. So maybe that's a better option than burning oranges and potentially harming yourself.  

Source: TikTok 

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