The 5 best supplements of mineral salts and vitamins to take to fight heat and mugginess

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With the summer we sweat and we tend to be dehydrated here are 5 supplements that can be useful to face the heat

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When it is very hot, our body can suffer, especially if the transition to high temperatures was abrupt and did not give us time to get used to it. Then some supplements based on mineral salts or vitamins can come to our aid, which allow us to better cope with the heat and its consequences.

Heat stress can put a strain on the cardiovascular system, especially in people with high blood pressure, but it can also make us feel subdued and exhausted. Other symptoms that can occur when it is very hot and our body is suffering from it are lightheadedness, dizziness and nausea.

A real heatstroke is rare and occurs following prolonged exposure to high temperatures, however minor problems occur more frequently, however annoying, including excessive sweating that can lead to dehydration.

Sweating is a natural and essential process designed to help the body stay cool. As the body temperature increases, in fact, the body automatically begins to sweat to release salty liquid from the sweat glands in order to cool down.

When we sweat, however, we also lose electrolytes in addition to water (ie "salts" such as sodium, potassium, etc.).

The first thing to do in hot weather is to drink plenty of water, but taking the right supplements can help in some cases. Of course, we always recommend that you first ask your doctor for advice.

But which mineral salts or vitamins are best suited to best face the heat?



Magnesium is a fundamental mineral for human health, think that it is necessary for over 300 biochemical reactions and helps to have strong bones, a healthy nervous system and a well-functioning heart. As already mentioned, stress due to being too hot can put a strain on the cardiovascular system, especially in people who already have a predisposition.

Together with calcium, magnesium is an important electrolyte that is lost by sweating and if we are dehydrated it is therefore more important than ever to replenish it. We remind you that magnesium is easily found in green leafy vegetables, in many legumes and whole grains so, if we eat well, we can take a good dose of it starting from our daily diet.

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But in some cases it may be recommended to take a real supplement of this mineral, alone or in combination with others, such as potassium which is the next one we are talking about.


It is another mineral that has fundamental functions in our body. Potassium, along with calcium and magnesium, works as an electrolyte to carry electrical impulses through cells. But it's not just any electrolyte, it plays an important role in the transfer of ions across cell membranes in a process called the sodium-potassium pump.

With sweat and dehydration due to the heat we can be deficient in potassium, so we should replenish it as much as possible with the diet or take a special supplement.

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Vitamin C:

Vitamin C is often associated with the immune system and the prevention of colds but in reality this substance is also useful for our body to prevent heat exhaustion. There have been studies that have shown this. One was conducted on employees of a factory exposed to high temperatures and in that case it was found that, when they were given ascorbic acid (vitamin C) before work (for a period of 9 years), there were no reports of accidents due to heatstroke as it had occurred in the past.

Vitamin C has also been shown to help patients acclimate better to hot, humid temperatures when taken over time. This means that those who consume enough, through a supplement or from fresh citrus fruits and juices, can better withstand the heat.

B vitamins

It is also possible to evaluate the integration of B vitamins, which are fundamental for various physiological processes of our organism. For example, they guarantee the health of the nervous system but can also be useful in the summer for those who, due to the heat, feel very tired and exhausted. These substances, in fact, are able to transform carbohydrates into glucose and thus allow us to have energy immediately available. By also activating the mind they allow us to make us feel more energetic at 360 °.

Saline supplement

You can also prepare a saline supplement to drink at home with a few simple ingredients, instead of those on the market, after you have done physical activity or in cases where you need to rehydrate the body and fill up on some mineral salts and vitamins. In addition to water, you will need brown sugar or honey, whole sea salt, lemon juice (or other citrus fruits), magnesium powder.

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