The 14 countries in the world where covid has never arrived (according to WHO data)

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According to WHO data, 14 states, especially remote islands, are "covid free" or have never recorded cases of coronavirus

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According to a report by the World Health Organization, just over a year after the start of the pandemic, there are 14 "covid free" countries in the world, that is, that have not registered cases of coronavirus and therefore have managed to avoid all the dramatic consequences that we know well.

In most cases, these are distant and exotic islands, which today more than ever (since we cannot travel) appear to us as a paradise on earth. But there are not only remote and isolated places, among the countries without covid there are also states like South Korea and Turkmenistan but on these, for obvious reasons, the scientific community is decidedly skeptical. In particular, it is doubted that they have accurate health data or it is suspected that, although they have them, they have not disclosed them.

But, as we said, most of the "covid free" countries are islands, islets or archipelagos (12 to be precise) very far from the mainland which, since the beginning of the pandemic, have implemented strict rules to avoid the arrival of virus, effectively blocking access to their territory as much as possible.

The places that, to date, do not know the coronavirus are:

  • American Samoa, South Pacific archipelago
  • Cook Islands in the South Pacific
  • Niue, a remote island in the Pacific
  • Narau, in Oceania
  • Sant'Elena, in the south-central Atlantic Ocean
  • Tonga, 170 islands in the South Pacific
  • Tuvalu, a Polynesian island nation located in the Pacific Ocean
  • Okelau in New Zealand
  • Micronesia, island state of Oceania
  • Kiribati, which includes 33 coral atolls and other islets in the central Pacific
  • Palau, in the western Pacific
  • Pitcairn, in the South Pacific Ocean



Source: World Health Organization

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