The 10 most effective fermented foods for improving digestion

The 10 most effective fermented foods for improving digestion

Fermented foods and fermented drinks are useful for facilitating digestion and for ensuring the well-being of the digestive system. Here are some examples with which you can enrich your diet.

I fermented foods for centuries they have been the basis of the traditional diet of the populations of different places in the world. There fermentation milk and vegetables, for example, made it possible to prolong their conservation.

I foods and fermented drinks they are useful to facilitate the digestion and to ensure the well-being of the digestive system, as well as to strengthen the immune system. Here are some examples with which you can enrich your diet.

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Lo yogurt it is the fermented food par excellence. It is prepared starting from both cow's milk and vegetable milk, especially soy milk. Yogurt is rich in probiotics. You can prepare it at home, also in the vegetable version, with the yoghurt maker or with other methods, for example by having a large pot available. Fresh yogurt is rich in live cultures that aid digestion.

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Il kefir is a fermented drink that is prepared from milk or water thanks to specials granules which allow fermentation. It is a refreshing and healthy drink, rich in live and beneficial lactic ferments and probiotics. You can also make kefir with plant-based milk, such as rice milk or soy milk. It contributes to the proper functioning of the intestine and digestive system.

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Il Tempeh is a food based on fermented soybeans. It is very rich in proteins and isoflavones, which strengthen bones and protect the heart. For centuries it has been a major source of protein for the people of Indonesia. You can make tempeh at home from yellow soy beans and a special starter to buy on the internet.

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Il ground kombucha is considered a real long life elixir. It is a drink of oriental origin, which came to Europe from China and Russia. It is believed to facilitate digestion, especially by helping the stomach and spleen work. Above all, its probiotic activity is enhanced with a beneficial action for the intestine. It is considered useful for kidney stone sufferers.

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Il miso it is a very ancient natural condiment. It is mainly used in Japan in China. It's a fermented product based on soy, cereals and whole sea salt. It comes in the form of a very tasty brown paste. It is especially useful to replace the common vegetable nut in the preparation of broth, soups and risottos. Regulates intestinal functions and helps strengthen the immune system.

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I sauerkraut they are a fermented food typical above all of countries like Austria and Germany. You can prepare at home more easily if you have a vegetable press available. As with any type of homemade preserves, it is important to sterilize the jars very well in boiling water. Sauerkraut is rich in vitamins and minerals and also helps digestion, like a real one natural medicine for the intestine.

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THEbags it's a natural sweetener known mainly in the East. It is produced by the enzymatic fermentation of rice and sometimes other cereals as well. A named ferment is used to produce amasake koji, which is also used to make miso and sake. You discover Thu how to make amasake.

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Lactofermented vegetables

You can prepare the lactofermented vegetables to get a real one do-it-yourself gardener in a simple and economical way. Among the starting ingredients you can use different mixed vegetables according to the seasons, such as tomatoes, chillies and carrots, but also cauliflower, celery and onions. You will also need salt and herbs. THU la prescription complete.

Bread with sourdough

La mother pasta it is a yeast that comes from natural fermentation and uses water and flour as its main ingredients. Sourdough allows us to make homemade bread more nutritious and beneficial. Furthermore, the use of sourdough in bread making makes bread and other homemade preparations, such as pizzas and focaccias, much more digestible. You can use it for replace the brewer's yeast in long leavening doughs.


Il rejuvenate is considered a real one elixir of youth. It's about a fermented wheat-based drink, with a regenerating and restorative effect. Rejuvelac is also made from other ingredients, such as rice, barley, oats, rye, quinoa, and millet. Regulates digestion and strengthens the immune system. Here one prescription useful for preparing it.

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