THC in hemp products: EU sets new maximum limits

The European Commission, urged by EIHA, exceeds the obsolete 2015 recommendation that defined the maximum limits for the presence of THC in hemp-based food products

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The European Commission has set new maximum limits due to the presence of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (delta-9-THC) in hemp seeds and in the derived products, binding for all member countries of the European Union: this is an important step towards a Community market regulated by uniform laws in all Member States.

The new values ​​have been set 3,0 mg / kg for dry products (flour, proteins, seeds) and 7,5 mg / kg for hemp seed oil. Hemp-based food products are marketable with immediate effect with a THC content of between 4,2 and 4,5 mg / kg for dry products and between 10,5 and 11,25 mg / kg for oil.

The European Association of Hemp Producers (EIHA), which said it was very satisfied with the goal achieved, had asked the EU Commission for higher maximum limits for the presence of THC in products deriving from hemp in food, and has already requested that it be issued also an official guide that better defines these new parameters, to dispel any doubt or uncertainty.

Disagreements between the 27 member states have put market participants in a very difficult position, often hindering or even impeding regular trade. Lorenza Romanese, Chief Executive Officer of EIHA. - We are gradually building a true single market in hemp for Europe. We will continue to work in this direction and do our best to offer hemp growers and make life easier for hemp food producers.

Until now, the EU member states established the maximum levels of THC present in hemp-based products on a national basis, usually following a 2015 EFSA recommendation which set the maximum limit for delta-9-THC intake at 1 µg per kilogram of body weight.

The new legislation will be applied in all Member States twenty days after the publication of the regulation and its annexes in the Official Journal. In order to allow producers to adapt to the new Community rules, the regulation also provides for a transitional period before the maximum values ​​apply, giving the possibility to use and sell stocks of products that still exist.

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Source: Presse Portal

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