That's why we were thinner in the cool 80s

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According to a new study, it would be more difficult for us adults in the 2000s to maintain the same weight than adults in the 80s, and the consumption of red meat and the chemicals used are among the main causes.

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Fantastic years ... '80. Yes, for lovers of the line and for those who are obsessed with the diet, know that it was much easier to stay thin 20 or 30 years ago than it is nowadays.

According to a new study, in fact, it would be more difficult for us adults in the 2000s to maintain the same weight than for adults in the 80s or so, despite being able to maintain the same diet of the past or the same type of exercise.

The authors looked at the dietary data of 36.400 Americans between 1971 and 2008 and the physical activity of 14.419 people between 1988 and 2006. They then grouped them together for amount of food and activity, age and mass index. corporeal.

The researchers thus found one correlation very surprising: a given person who, in 2006, eats the same amount of calories, takes in the same amounts of macronutrients as protein and fat, and exercises the same amount of physical activity as a person of the same age in 1988, would have a body mass index of about 2,3 points higher. In other words, people today are about 10% heavier than they were in 1980, even if they follow the exact same diet and exercise.

"The study results suggest that if you are 25, you should eat even less and exercise more than older people to avoid gaining weight," said Jennifer Kuk, professor of kinesiology and health science at York University in Toronto. . "However, this also indicates that there may be other specific factors contributing to obesity besides simple diet and exercise."

So What is it that makes us so tremendously abundant compared to our peers in the extraordinary '80s? Kuk proposed three different factors:

- The chemical substances! And yes, how can we not have thought about it! People today are exposed to more chemicals, which could lead to weight gain. Pesticides, flame retardants, substances in food packaging, all could alter our hormonal processes and change the way our bodies put on and hold weight;

- Farmaci a go-go: the use of prescription drugs, in fact, has increased considerably since the 70s and 80s;

- The meat consumption: Americans (the study is based on the stars and stripes population, but it is a discourse that can extend to the whole West) now eat more meat than a few decades ago, and many animal products are treated with hormones and antibiotics . In short, we do not believe that this does not also affect our body weight.

In short, the conversation is always the same: the excessive use of toxic substances in food, of medicines starting from antibiotics, the unbridled consumption of meat (red in the first place), not only have led to devastating consequences in nature, but they have also caused a change in our own organism, which has unwittingly become stuffed and swollen and extremely ugly.

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