That's why sleeping with the fan on may not be a good idea

In summer it is not easy to live with the heat, but sleeping with the fan on is not a good idea, the experts tell us why

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In summer it is not easy to live with the heat, even in the home, and the most frequent solutions to find some relief are air conditioning and a fan. But if the air conditioning has a certain cost and is not installed in all homes, the ceiling fan it represents the cheapest and most widespread alternative.

It's a pity that using it, especially at night, is not a good idea at all. Experts tell us why.

In this regard, the Ministry of Health advises to pay attention to mechanical fans which, while bringing relief, are harmful from many points of view:

“Mechanical fans only accelerate the movement of air but they do not lower the ambient temperature. In this way the perceived temperature decreases and, while giving relief, the fans they stimulate sweating and increase the risk of dehydration, if the exposed person does not take large quantities of fluids at the same time. "

That's why he recommends keeping them at a certain distance, especially if sick people are using it.

Ditto at night, when we generally focus it on the body, compromising among other things the mobility of the next day. Not to mention that during sleep it is more difficult to get up continuously to drink, and thus fight the dehydration caused by its use, with the unpleasant consequence of finding yourself with dry eyes and mouth. Nuisance further worsened by the movement of the fan blades, complete with classic sore throat upon awakening.

And if the internal temperatures exceed 32 ° C, continues the Ministry of Health, it is better to totally avoid its use because it doesn't help fight the heat:

"In particular, when the internal temperature exceeds 32 ° C, the use of the fan is not recommended because it is not effective in combating the effects of heat and can have negative effects by increasing dehydration."

Another aspect not to be underestimated concerns the displacement of dust and allergens from one corner of the room to the other, especially dangerous for allergic people. Reason why the air should be as clean as possible in the room where it is used, especially at night.

And of course, if you really can't do without it, better to place it at a distance by activating the rotation option.

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