Tesco will no longer sell baby and child wipes that contain plastic

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Starting in mid-March, Tesco will stop selling baby wipes that contain plastic, for the first time in UK supermarkets

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Tesco, a well-known supermarket chain, is also the largest seller of wet wipes in the UK. In its stores, 75 million packs are sold every year, for a total of 4,8 billion single wipes. The decision made by the group is therefore important: they will no longer sell wipes for babies or children that contain plastic.

A conscientious choice (even if not yet sufficient). In fact, remember that these apparently harmless wipes are actually very polluting and moreover, if disposed of incorrectly, they tend to clog sewers and waterways, creating many problems and leading to blocks that require complex removal interventions.

Tesco said it will stop selling branded baby wipes containing plastic from the 14 March. Two years have already passed since the group stopped using plastic in its own brand products, including wipes.

The company has made it known that it has reformulated them with the intention of completely eliminating traces of plastic (replaced with biodegradable viscose), as has also happened for other types of wipes and for humidified toilet paper.

There's only one type of wipe left that still contains plastic, one that's meant for pets, but the group promises to make this plastic-free variant too by the end of the year.

In fact, Tesco is not the first retailer to remove the most polluting wipes from sale for environmental reasons. Health food chain Holland and Barrett banned the sale of all wet products from its 800 stores in the UK and Ireland as early as September 2019, replacing the entire range with reusable alternatives. The Body Shop chain has also phased out all face wipes from its stores.

Of course, the best choice is not to buy wet wipes, even those that do not contain plastic, as they are disposable anyway. So let's limit them to when we really have no alternative, in all other cases it is better to use a little water and a small towel to always carry with us.

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Source: The Guardian

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