Tendonitis: Causes, Symptoms, and Remedies That Really Work

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What is tendonitis, what are the causes that trigger inflammation and what are the effective remedies

Do not store avocado like this: it is dangerous What is tendonitis, what are the causes that trigger inflammation and what are the effective remedies

If one or more tendons become inflamed, that ailment known by the name of appears tendonitis. It is an inflammation which can have various causes. We know better symptoms which can give and the remedies that actually work.

The human body is made up of 267 tendons and it can happen that they become inflamed due to continuous stresses that, even if small, upset the physiological balance of these structures of the body, in particular of the fibrils that make up the tendons. But this is not the only possible cause of tendonitis and it must be taken into account that there are also gods risk factors.


Tendonitis, causes

The most frequent cause of tendonitis is a continuous stress over time that creates inflammation, it is essentially microtrauma borne by these body structures that in the long run they lead to the formation of lesions. Underlying this situation are known risk factors: very intense workouts o workouts that take place after a long sedentary lifestyle, lack of warm-up before playing sports, work activities that require effort, posture problems, use of inappropriate shoes (remember the case of the Crocs?), being overweight, taking certain medications and more.

Sometimes tendonitis can be consequence of a real pathology for example rheumatoid arthritis but also renal insufficiency or gout or derive from other disorders that upset the body's structure: valgus or varus knee, limbs of non-symmetrical lengths, etc. In the end hormonal changes and physiological aging increase the risk of tendonitis.

To recap possible causes or risk factors for the appearance of tendonitis are:

  • intense workouts
  • workouts after a sedentary lifestyle
  • lack of warm-up before playing sports
  • heavy work activities
  • posture problems
  • use of inappropriate shoes
  • overweight
  • drugs
  • previous pathologies
  • disorders such as knee valgus or varus
  • hormonal changes
  • aging

I tendons that are most at risk of inflammation are those of:

  • knees
  • elbows
  • shoulder

Tendonitis, symptoms

Symptoms of tendonitis mainly include pain in the inflamed area which can branch out along the entire length of the involved tendon. The discomfort can appear more with movement or by touching the affected point. A lot can be felt when the injury occurs loud and sharp.

Associated with pain can also appear swelling, redness and bruising. Often there is also a major difficulty making movements and a decrease in the strength of the muscles adjacent to the inflamed tendon.

To recap the following symptoms may suggest tendonitis:

  • Pain (strong and sharp at the time of the injury and then variable)
  • Swelling
  • Redness
  • Hematoma
  • Difficulty making some movements
  • Decreased muscle strength in the vicinity of the inflamed tendon

Particularly painful is Achilles tendonitis borne by the tendon of the same name located in the foot at the point indicated by the following infographic.

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Tendonitis, diagnosis

How is tendonitis recognized? Once the classic symptoms have appeared, in order to find with absolute certainty the presence of tendonitis, in addition to a clinical examination by the doctor, it is necessary to magnetic resonance which allows to evaluate how extensive and deep the tendon lesion is. Sometimes an ultrasound may also be enough, although this technique is less precise.

Tendonitis, natural remedies

There are gods natural remedies for tendonitis that we can experience when needed alone or by entrusting ourselves to the care of a specialist. We present the most effective.


How first aid remedy in the case of tendonitis, ice is often used, which is effective and offers immediate relief. It should be placed on the painful area for a few minutes as soon as the pain appears.


Among the herbal remedies often recommended for tendonitis there is arnica that can be used in the form of ointment or cream to massage on the painful area but also in homeopathic granules (if prescribed by a doctor in the right dilution to be evaluated case by case).

Devil's claw

The devil's claw like arnica is equipped with anti-inflammatory power which can help counteract pain at the same time as speeding up healing. Also in this case it is mainly used in the form of gel or cream to be applied as needed but there is also a supplement to be taken by mouth like a natural anti-inflammatory.


Among the various ailments that can be treated with acupuncture there is also tendonitis. Good results on pain and inflammation are achieved after a few treatments, the important thing is rely on an experienced professional. We remind you that only a graduate in medicine and surgery can practice acupuncture sessions.


Another useful technique in case of tendonitis is osteopathy which is based on some stimulations capable of promoting the body's self-healing. Not only in the case of inflammation of the tendons but for any ongoing symptomatology, if you want to experience the benefits of osteopathic treatment it is good to go to a real health worker or to a physiotherapist, there are in fact many specialized in osteopathy.


Tecar therapy is among the modern techniques to treat tendonitis (but also muscle and joint problems) to be taken into consideration. This treatment uses a machine capable of generating a high frequency magnetic field which, connected to a plate, passes over the areas to be treated. It is thus possible to increase the vasodilation and the temperature from the inside in this way the body's natural regenerative processes are accelerated and especially cellular repairs.

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