Telltale Cancer Symptoms: 14 Signs to Watch Out for, According to the AIRC

Cancers, here are some common symptoms and signs that should not be underestimated for an early diagnosis of cancer identified by the AIRC

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Cancer, here are some common symptoms and signs that should not be underestimated for an early cancer diagnosis

Il cancer it is a much feared disease, the worst nightmare of all. Early diagnosis and prevention are extremely vital to successful treatment of most cancers. Let's find out what are the first telltale signs and symptoms to pay close attention to.


Nodules under the skin

Any new ones nodules under the skin they can be indicative of cancer. To recognize these lumps, you need to feel comfortable touching your body and know what is normal and what is out of the ordinary. Many times, lumps in breast tissue are recognized by women and men who perform self-examination. 

It is a good idea to touch and examine your body regularly, especially on and around the breasts, testicles, armpits, throat, abdomen, and skin. Examining these areas regularly will help you spot any abnormal growths before they have a chance to get bigger.


Our body's immune system treats cancer like bacteria that invade the system, as a result, white blood cells are sent to the site to destroy the new enemy. This increases blood flow to the area making it appear hot, red, tight and itchy. Any unusual itching or rash must be examined by your doctor. (Read also: Discovery of a protein capable of preventing breast cancer metastases)

Wounds that don't heal

Any wound or cut on the surface of the skin that takes longer to heal should be a sign to watch out for. The reason this happens is that the immune system has prioritized cancer and, as a result, is using all available resources to manage it. So in case you notice one wound that struggles to heal, keep it clean and visit your family doctor. 

Bumps on the tongue or inside the mouth

Any bumps inside the mouth, in the gums or throat, especially if they are white in color, should be a cause for concern. They might not be anything serious, but it's best to get them examined by your doctor.

Loss of appetite or difficulty swallowing

Any changes to your digestive system either loss of appetite should be a cause for concern, and you need to talk to your doctor about it.

Changes in bowel movements

I changes in bowel movements, which last for more than two days, should be a cause for concern. If you find blood in your stool, notice changes in stool color, if they appear darker or lighter, if you feel pain on elimination, are constipated, have diarrhea, or find mucus in your stool, it is always wise to see your doctor. Some of these symptoms are indicative of colon cancer and require immediate medical examination and treatment.

Changes in urination

Just like with bowel movements, any strange change in bladder function must be cause for concern. Any changes in flow, quantity, color, odor, foaming or noticeable blood in the urine should be reported to the physician and checked abruptly. (Read also: Skin cancer: If you have a suspicious mole this simple method will allow you to understand if you need to worry)

Unexplained bleeding

In case of unexplained bleeding and not during the normal menstrual cycle should be checked, as well as any loss of blood from the uterus, nipple or any body excretions should be examined by a doctor.

Change in tone of voice

Any kind of change in voice, not accompanied by a throat infection or classic sore throat, may be indicative of laryngeal cancer and should be carefully monitored.

Unexplained cough

Coughing which can be attributed to a flu or any other upper respiratory tract infection is harmless enough. But if you feel one persistent cough, it is advisable to see a doctor because it could be lung, esophagus, throat or stomach cancer.


As with the appearance of nodules, i in must be checked. It is normal for new ones to appear in the course of life, but if these have a particular appearance, itch, bleed, or change in size, shape and color in a short time, a medical consultation is necessary. (Read also: Melanoma: how many moles do you have on your right arm? Why is it important to count them and consult a dermatologist if they are over 11)


THEjaundice it is another sign to watch out for; this is a typical phenomenon in newborns, ie the skin tends to a yellowish color. But if it appears in adulthood it can be the symptom of liver disease and also of cancer. The latter can obstruct the outflow of bile, causing a concentration of bilirubin in the blood and, consequently, the typical jaundice.

Night sweats 

La night sweats it is a very common phenomenon in menopausal women, who often complain of waking up in the middle of the night completely wet with sweat. This phenomenon can also be caused by particular medicines and infections, but when it is abundant and persistent it can be a telltale sign of certain types of cancer, such as lymphomas.


Another symptom is the fever, that is, an inexplicably elevated body temperature that persists for weeks or months in an abnormal way. This could be caused by the immune system failing to fight cancer, like leukemia e lymphomas.


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