Tell me how you walk and I'll tell you how long you will live. The Californian study

Walking at a slow or fast pace says a lot about your health

The speed with which we walk indicates our health: if our pace slows down it could be a sign that should not be underestimated

Lanky, lopsided or straight in the chest. Distracted, super fast or sloth-like. The way we walk says a lot about us. Indeed, according to some researchers, in the general analysis of our state of health it might be useful to add another indicator: the measurement of the speed with which we walk.

The faster the pace, the better the health outcomes will be. This is the thesis that some researchers from the University of California, Department of Biokinesiology and Physiotherapy have come up with, so much so that they propose the trend of a walk as a method for identifying patients who may have difficulty recovering from surgery.

"A strong predictor of mortality is speed of gait," explains Christina M. Dieli-Conwright, assistant research professor.

The idea is basically this: the sicker someone becomes - whether they're undergoing treatment for cancer or another disease condition - the more they lose strength and ability to move.

And not only that, according to American scholars, doctors could use the speed of gait to determine a person's biological age, which could be younger or older than their chronological age.

In short, the assumption the research wants to arrive at is not to start walking faster, there is no evidence that increasing the speed of your gait affects your health, but that it is important. pay attention to how physically active you are: if the pace slows down, especially significantly, it could indicate a condition that should not be underestimated.

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