Tanning lamps cause cancer - nearly 500 cancers a year

Artificial tanning lamps are responsible for over 10 melanomas a year and 450 other skin cancers

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Quasi half a million skin cancers every year from UV lamps, that's why the ltanning ampoules they hurt. With all due respect to the lovers of artificial tanning, a further verdict comes from some English and American scholars, who confirm the thesis according to which panicking on a tanning bed is more harmful than ever.

Responsible for more than 10 thousand melanomas a year and of 450 thousand skin cancers of other kinds, artificial ultra-violet rays (where the quantity of UV type B present is greater) are preferred above all by the under 30s, who have made that easy, perfect and fast tan a real and own fashion.

A systematic review - Researchers from California University and Cambridge University in England have signed an analysis that summarizes 88 studies carried out on a sample of over 400 people in Europe, the United States and Australia. The study was published in Jama dermatology and puts all European children at the top of the risk rankings, especially if they are regulars of artificial solariums since adolescence.

55% of university students, about 36% of adults and 19% of adolescents use artificial tanning. 22% of those who undergo UV lamps run the risk of having non-melanoma skin cancer, therefore treatable, while the risk of appearing the worst type of malignant cancer, melanoma, goes from 2,6 to 9%. Only in Europe, there are orevery year at least 3.400 cases of melanoma due to the lamps.

The scholars conclude: "The use of lamps is very high especially among young people and, despite the continuous confirmations on the risks of artificial tanning, there is a lack of concrete public health efforts to discourage or prohibit their use".

In short, tanning lamps should never be used, so if you really can't do without a tan, wait for the warm season to get some sun, but always with due precautions and with organic sun creams! In the meantime, get ready at the table: with carrots, spinach and, later in time, with melons, in fact, it is possible to prepare for a tan by consuming foods rich in Vitamin A, which favors the production in the epidermis of the melanin pigment to give the classic amber color to the skin.

Germana Carillo

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