Taking off shoes and clothes (and more): the rules for leaving the virus out of the house

Is taking off shoes and clothes really a hoax? Not really! It is essential to wash your hands and sanitize what you touch. Shoes and clothes included

Is taking off shoes and clothes really a hoax? Not really! It is essential to wash your hands and ensure adequate hygiene of the hands and of what is touched. Clothes and shoes included.

Shoes and clothes off once you get home. The golden rule that always, and not only in times of coronavirus, should be followed slavishly now must inevitably enter our routine: if you ever find yourself sticking your nose out of the house (remember, only in cases of necessity), once that you return take care of take off your shoes and clothes.

And the umpteenth fake that was running on our whastApp groups in these days has nothing to do with it (in this regard, when you find such audio immediately block the harmful chain without forwarding it in turn), which alarmistically wanted to leave us out of the wear shoes once used "because it seems that the virus is able to stay alive for 9 days on the asphalt". This is not exactly why.

There is no scientific evidence for this. Let's reiterate it: the virus essentially contracts with physical contact between two people and also and above all of the hands. This is why experts constantly ask for hand washing and non-contact with others.

What is certain is that the disinfection of the streets can be a useful good practice and that, above all, the prevention of infections at home is absolutely necessary to protect us and our loved ones.

"Leaving shoes and clothes out of the house is a good hygienic rule, you must always" defuse "objects and clothes for those who come into contact with potentially contaminated environments and then wash your hands thoroughly". It was Walter Ricciardi of the World Health Organization who stated this to “Live - Non è la d'Urso”.

The possibility that the coronavirus is transmitted through objects "is a possibility that we cannot exclude but which is highly unlikely," explained ISS president Silvio Brusaferro. The best way is to wash your hands frequently and correctly. The ISS on its information site on the virus advises to always disinfect the objects you use frequently (your mobile phone, earphones or a microphone) with a cloth moistened with alcohol or bleach-based products (taking into account the instructions provided by the manufacturer ).

Here are some steps to follow when entering the house to leave the coronavirus out (but also other types of viruses, bacteria and so on), perhaps limiting our impact on the environment at the same time:


Remove your shoes and sanitize

Before entering the house, remove your shoes and sanitize the soles with a spray of alcohol on the soles. You can put them back in after a while, setting aside a corner for them at the entrance

Sterilize your things

Also sanitize your bag or suitcase by spraying alcohol or disinfectant. If made of particularly delicate material, use a soft cloth dipped in a solution of water and dish soap

Once inside, wash your hands immediately

Washing your hands for 20-30 seconds is important. Use the soap to thoroughly clean your palms, backs, spaces between your fingers, back, thumbs, fingertips and wrists (but don't leave the water running while doing this!)

Disinfect the accessories

Studies involving viruses such as SARS have shown that germs can live on anything for several hours, and even several days. This depends on the type of surface, temperature and humidity. This is why it is important to regularly clean even small objects, such as headphones or diary.

The devices must be turned off before cleaning them using a microfiber cloth with a small amount of dish soap diluted in hot water or alcohol.

Another popular option among technicians is the use of UV light sanitizing devices.

Ask other members of your family to do the same

Obviously it is important that your family members or roommates also practice these precautionary measures: it will also be easier for everyone to stick to the habits!

In short, this health emergency teaches us to be more aware of our daily activities. We encourage everyone we know not to panic and stay informed by following only official agencies and institutional press releases.

Fonte: Greenpeace Southeastasia

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