Swollen legs and feet in lockdown, you can deflate them with these simple tips

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Lockdown has been synonymous with pure sedentary lifestyle for a year now. As much as we try to allow ourselves a regenerating walk every now and then, staying at home forcibly (we work in the living room, we do not accompany the children to school or sports, we do not go shopping extra), not only charges us with stress and demotivation, but it can cause even some minor health problems. Swollen legs and feet first of all.

Yes, because that same sedentary it has practically knocked out (or almost) the mechanism of our muscular pumps, that process, that is, thanks to which the blood is pushed upwards from the lower limbs. In the legs and feet, with each movement the muscle pumps push a large amount of blood upwards (blood, in fact, is transported in two distinct forms: arterial circulation - from the heart to the periphery - and venous circulation - from the periphery to the heart ).

To prevent the blood from returning to the bottom after each thrust, each vein is equipped with valves that close immediately after the passage of the blood itself.

Swollen legs, how to prevent them

If when we are in motion, the pumps (in the lower limbs there are three: the muscle pump of the foot, the muscle pump of the calf and the muscle pump of the thigh) contract and relax constantly, favoring the continuous venous return towards the heart, when we are stopped that gear undergoes a stop and the blood ends up stagnating in the veins promoting an accumulation of liquids in the tissues, creating edema and thus giving swelling to the legs.

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How then to prevent the annoying swelling in the legs? First, let's walk! Walking is one of the best exercises we can do. It does not require any preparation, no special equipment or great efforts and we can do it at any time of the day, when we have time and desire, alone or in company. We talk about walking, as a real wellness activity. (Read also: Why you should walk outdoors even if it's cold), but we also prefer short walks (at least 30 minutes) e Frequently.

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At home, however, it is better to walk on toes and when we are sitting at the PC for a long time we perform constant dorsiflexions of the foot. No slippers but bare feet, at the most closed and light shoes with a soft sole. In addition, we place raisers under the mattress, in order to be able to sleep with the lower limbs slightly raised.

Other tips to prevent swollen legs and feet

Power supply: choosing well the foods we consume plays an important role in the well-being of our legs. Better then to reduce the consumption of those foods that promote water retention: salt and excessively salty packaged products, canned foods, meats and cheeses. Other foods, on the other hand, have a positive effect both at the level of blood circulation and by helping the body in its purification processes. Among them:

  • strawberries
  • ribes
  • blueberries
  • but kiwi and citrus fruits are welcome, also rich in flavonoids and vitamin C

Herbal Teas: a help against the feeling of heaviness and swelling in the legs can come from some herbs suitable for the preparation of herbal teas. They go mint and blueberry leaves, gotu kola, fennel and witch hazel, to stimulate blood circulation. 

Fresh water and foot baths: we drink lots of water to defeat dehydration and promote the elimination of toxins, but we also make fresh foot baths and short showers directing the jet in the areas most affected by the swelling. To the water used for the foot bath you can add herbs such as lavender, mint, thyme e Rosemary.

Massage: they should never be missing to relieve the feeling of swelling. Simple massages can also be performed alone with circular movements of the hands to be performed starting from the ankles and proceeding upwards. For massages to a base oil such as almond or sunflower oil some can be added enjoy di essential oil of lemon or of rosemary, to achieve greater effectiveness.

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