Sunflower seeds: properties, benefits and where to find them

Sunflower seeds. Properties, benefits and uses. Sunflower seeds, as well as pumpkin seeds, flax seeds and hemp seeds, are nutrient-rich foods, despite their small size. They can be considered as a natural supplement of beneficial elements for the health of our organism, among which we can find both essential fatty acids and vitamins.

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I sunflower seeds, As well as pumpkin seeds, the flax seed and of hemp seeds, are nutrient-rich foods, despite their small size.

They can be considered as a natural element supplement health benefits of our organism, among which we can find both essential fatty acids and vitamins.


properties and benefits of sunflower seeds

Sunflower seeds are distinguished by theirs content of fatty acids considered essential, among which we find thefolic acid, particularly recommended during pregnancy for the correct development of the unborn child, andlinoleic acid, used by our body for the formation of fatty acids omega 3, believed to be very useful for the protection of the heart.

They contain B vitamins, Vitamin E, which is able to perform an antioxidant function and protect the cells of our body from aging. Between mineral salts contained in sunflower seeds, we find the presence of iron and zinc, as well as phosphorus. They also have a content of magnesium and potassium that should not be underestimated.

Sunflower seeds are indicated to guarantee a good functioning of the intestine and for the prevention of respiratory diseases. The vitamin E contained in them has been identified as an element capable of protecting lungs from oxidative stress. The consumption of sunflower seeds is believed to be beneficial for the prevention of cancer, with particular reference to their content of selenium.

Their magnesium and copper content makes them a food considered beneficial for the maintenance of bone health. Vitamin E would also help relieve pain caused by arthritis. It is also thanks to the magnesium present in them that sunflower seeds are considered a beneficial food as they are precious for restoring a state of calm, since relax the nerves, helping to avoid stress and migraines, as well as promoting general relaxation.

Their rich content of antioxidants makes them effective in alleviating various conditions of nature inflammatory from which our body can be affected, among which it is possible to identify joint pain, ulcers, skin rashes and asthma. They are believed to be beneficial to both the heart and thecirculatory system, as they would be able to prevent the LDL cholesterol accumulate on the walls of the arteries, so as to avoid problems as serious as a heart attack.

Uses of sunflower seeds

Sunflower seeds are used industrially for the production of the oil derived from them. There can be many lotus use at the table and in the kitchen. Sunflower seeds, lightly salted and toasted, can make up one healthy snack, for both adults and children. Sunflower seeds can be included among the ingredients to be used for the home preparation of muesli, alongside cereal flakes, puffed cereals, nuts and dried fruit.

In addition, they can be combined with pine nuts or almonds for the preparation of a pesto or a seasoning for pasta original. They are an interesting ingredient to add to summer salads, but also to rice or grain-based dishes. They are great for use in homemade bread preparation and other baked goods, such as crackers or breadsticks.

They can also be used to enrich vegetable dishes, soups or soups in a simple way. The sunflower seeds are ground very finely in order to obtain one flour particularly rich in iron, to be used, for example, for the home preparation of energy and remineralizing bars.

If unsalted, they can be used to enrich a fruit salad or to decorate a bowl of peppery ice cream at home. As for their curative use, sunflower seeds can be used for the preparation of cataplasmi to be applied on the chest for the care of respiratory diseases typical of the winter season.

Where to find sunflower seeds

It is necessary to specify how the highest quality sunflower seeds are sourced from organic farming, in order to be sure that the flowers from which they were obtained have not been treated with the use of pesticides. Organic sunflower seeds can easily be found in natural product shops, online, and in herbalists, as well as in the departments dedicated to organic present in some supermarkets.


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