Summer salads: 20 easy, fresh and healthy recipes

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Summer salads are fresh, healthy and easy to prepare, especially if we choose light, seasonal ingredients and suitable dressings. Thanks to the stive salads we can always bring different dishes to the table for both lunch and dinner.

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Le summer salads they are fresh, healthy and easy to prepare, especially if we choose light, seasonal ingredients and suitable seasonings. Thanks to summer salads we can always bring different dishes to the table for both lunch and dinner with quick recipes to taste.

We can prepare some insummer salads based on cereals, such as rice, spelled or millet, but also summer salads with vegetables and legumes as protagonists, such asChickpeas Salad,potato salad or l 'eggplant salad.

With this collection of recipes to prepare summer salads at home you will have so many ideas to experiment in the kitchen to vary the menu.


Purifying salad

During the holidays we can dedicate ourselves to a few moments of relaxation and take care of ourselves also through nutrition, for example by preparing a healthy purifying salad with seasonal ingredients.

Rice salad

Rice salad is an indispensable dish on the summer table. It is really easy to prepare and you can customize it with the condiments you prefer, giving preference to healthy and seasonal foods.

Pasta salad

Another typically summer recipe is pasta salad or cold pasta that you can also prepare in a gluten-free version by choosing gluten-free pasta, such as corn, quinoa or buckwheat pasta.

Cereal salad

Not just rice salad, you can prepare your favorite cereal salad at home by choosing an alternative ingredient, such asbarley, spelled or oats, to combine with seasonal vegetables.

Salad in a jar

The salad in a jar has been in vogue lately especially because it is convenient to take to the office and for a packed lunch, for example during a trip or a picnic. You can prepare it in a thousand different ways with summer ingredients.

Potato salad

If you like potatoes during the summer you cannot give up preparing a tasty potato salad to be dressed with the typical summer herbs, such as basil and parsley, and with homemade sauces.

Wakame seaweed and cucumber salad

The wakame and cucumber seaweed salad is a typical dish in Japanese restaurants, you may have already tried this dish based on cucumber and sesame seaweed. It is very easy to prepare at home, you just have to experiment.

Russian salad

The Russian salad is certainly very fresh but in the original version it is not very light. To make it light, you can dress the Russian salad with yogurt, even vegetable, or with homemade vegan mayonnaise.

Venus rice salad

If you want to propose an original variant of the classic rice salad replace the white rice with Venere black rice which with its characteristic flavor goes very well with summer vegetables, for example with peas and peppers. Here the complete recipe.

Spelled salad

Rocket and tomatoes, here is one of the many possibilities to dress a summer salad to be prepared with spelled or with other cereals such as barley, oats, rice or buckwheat, depending on your tastes. Discover the recipes to prepare spelled salad at home.

Tofu and buckwheat salad

To vary the usual rice salad recipes, try making a tofu and buckwheat salad to be dressed with cherry tomatoes, basil and sunflower seeds. A definitely worth trying variant. Here you will find the complete recipe.

Pasta salad with pesto

The next time you prepare your pasta salad, choose homemade pesto as a dressing. The cold pasta will be very tasty, also thanks to the addition of the cherry tomatoes.

Bulgur salad

Here is a fantastic cold salad of bulgur, tomatoes and grilled zucchini, dressed with lemon emulsion. A recipe to bring to the summer table as a first course or as a single dish enriching it with legumes, for example with chickpeas.

Quinoa salad

Photo source: Spoon and cauldron

Quinoa is a perfect ingredient for making a tasty summer salad. For example, you can dress it with cherry tomatoes, basil, rocket, parsley and feta, or tofu for a vegan quinoa salad. Here is a recipe from which to take inspiration.

Amaranth salad

Photo source: Primo Chef

Amaranth is a gluten-free ingredient still little used in cooking which can represent a variant for preparing summer salads. Here is a recipe from which to take inspiration.

Greek salad

THEGreek salad is a typical recipe that is prepared with tomatoes, Kalamata olives, red onion, cucumbers, feta, fresh oregano, extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice. Sometimes we add green peppers cut into thin strips or capers. Here you will find the original recipe and its variations.

Gluten-free cereal salad

Photo source: Nutrifree

To prepare the cereal salad gluten free you will have to choose a mix of gluten-free cereals. For example, you can combine buckwheat and millet with rice together with your favorite seasonal vegetables. Here the recipe.

Chickpeas Salad

THEChickpeas Salad it's a really fresh and healthy idea for a summer side dish. You can prepare it by combining carrots, onion and basil with the chickpeas, but if you want you can add all the seasonal vegetables you want. Here the recipe.

Millet salad

Photo source: Now Kitchen

If you choose millet to prepare your summer salad, we suggest you combine it with carrots, courgettes, olives and capers as a condiment, without forgetting extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice. Here is a recipe from which to take inspiration.

Eggplant salad

Photo source: Decanter

Le eggplant they turn into a suitable ingredient for summer salads after cooking them in the oven or in a pan. Once cold you can combine them with tomatoes, olives, tofu or feta to prepare a nice salad. Here is a recipe to inspire you.

What are your favorite recipes for preparing summer salads?

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