Sugar, sausages and red meats are cancer-friendly foods. Word of Franco Berrino

Sugar, sausages and red meats are cancer-friendly foods. Word of Franco Berrino

Sugar, sausages and red meats: studies and authoritative positions still show the correlation of many processed foods and cancer.

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What are the foods that promote cancer? There is one close correlation between food and cancer and only by eliminating or drastically reducing the consumption of certain types of food can we safeguard our health. But what is it that hurts the most?

White sugar, but also sausages and red meats. It is not the first time that we have read a similar ranking and we must keep it in mind, especially when Franco Berrino, epidemiologist at the National Cancer Institute of Milan, nutrition expert and author of numerous international studies on cancer prevention through the food.

On the occasion of the presentation of his book “Twenty-one days to be reborn. The path that rejuvenates body and mind ", published by Mondadori, Berrino makes a simple consideration: changing lifestyle and type of diet - changes for which, among other things, it takes very little time - guarantee us a healthy longevity. .

Written with Daniel Lumera, motivational consultant, and David Mariani, expert in health-related physical activity, the essay aims to establish and make known the essential link between nutrition, physical movement and inner practice and strike one point: becoming elderly full of health is a possibility within everyone's reach, which is built on daily choices and on the life experience dictated by awareness.

Already clear on the point - in his previous book The Great Way - that precise nutritional choices, physical exercise, but also breathing and meditation techniques, are essential to slow down the aging processes and prevent many chronic diseases, Berrino is decided on what we need to eat:

“Simple: nothing dead - he explains. And therefore whole grains, legumes, fruit and vegetables. Varying a lot between these, because each food has its own nutritional specificity ".

Just as the fasting, “Which can be practiced in various ways. For 16-18 hours, that is, skipping dinner. For 24 hours. For 36. Or for 2/3 non-consecutive days a week. The so-called intermittent fasting ".

Therefore, limit foods of animal origin (you cannot do without them, let's make sure if nothing else that they come from animals that have been allowed to feed naturally), do a minimum of physical activity and also devote oneself to the soul: so you have the passport to stronger health.

On the other hand, it has long been known that eating right and choosing healthy foods helps in the fight against cancer.

“Processed” foods and tumors, the study

Finally, a study published in BMJ evaluated the possible associations between consumption of ultra-processed foods and cancer risk. In this large prospective study, a 10% increase in the proportion of ultra-processed foods in the diet was associated with a significant increase of more than 10% in general and breast cancer risks.

The research involved nearly 105 adults (22% men and 78% women) aged between 18 and 43 who answered an online questionnaire on eating habits designed to monitor the consumption of 3.300 foods.

The foods listed in the forms had been divided into different categories according to the elaboration process they had undergone. Cancer cases were detected through participant statements accompanied by clinical records and through information contained in national databases.

After excluding the impact of other factors (such as age or familiarity with oncological diseases), the researchers verified that a 10% increase in the consumption of "processed" foods corresponds to a 12% increase in the risk of getting cancer in general and 11%, while there was no association with prostate and colorectal cancer.

To be less dangerous, in essence, they once again prove to be i foods subjected to little or no elaborate processing processesEating fresh or minimally processed foods reduces the chances of getting cancer.

In the fight and prevention of cancer, therefore, we also include in the first instance a change in one's eating habits. Only in this way, in the long term, will benefits for our health be seen and the risk of serious illnesses will be considerably reduced.

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