Sugar: More than fat, it is addictive and leads to binge eating

    Sugar: More than fat, it is addictive and leads to binge eating

    Sugar pushes us to indulge in uncontrolled cravings for food much more than fats do.

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    Sugar. The more you eat, the more you want, for many a real drug. By now its effect on our organism is quite documented but a new scientific confirmation has recently arrived to tell us how harmful its consumption is even compared to the famous "binges".

    A study conducted byOregon research institute and published on The American Journal of clinical nutrition has proved how this substance is a push to abandon ourselves to the uncontrolled desire for food much more than the much demonized fats are.

    To reach this conclusion, the experts sampled 100 young people. Each was offered a chocolate milkshake with different amounts of fats and sugars inside. While they quietly sipped their snack, the participants' brains were monitored using functional magnetic resonance imaging for evaluate the effect of this drink on the pleasure areas, those areas capable of being activated following pleasant stimuli and making us feel pleasure and the consequent desire to experience that sensation again.

    Well, the milkshakes that activated the areas of pleasure the most were those rich in sugar, the same thing did not happen to the same extent with those rich in fat.

    "We have conducted a lot of research on the prevention of obesity and the concept now clarified by many studies, not only by this, is that the more you eat sugar, the more you want to consume more and more - said Eric Stice, lead author of the study - as it was a drug. For its ability to activate the neural centers of pleasure and induce binges, sugar does a much better job than fats "

    So if you want to avoid bingeing and remove the other collateral damage caused by excessive sugar consumption you can always learn to do without it eg using one of these 10 natural alternatives.

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