Sugar? As toxic and harmful as smoking and alcohol

    Sugar? As toxic and harmful as smoking and alcohol

    It is caloric, increases blood pressure, changes metabolism, causes liver problems and does the same damage as smoking and alcohol: we are not talking about the latest menu launched in fast food restaurants, but - more simply - about sugar!

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    È caloric, does increase the pressure, change the metabolism, provokes liver problems and does the same damage as smoking and alcohol: we are not talking about the last menu launched in fast food, but - more simply - of XNUMX/XNUMX cup sugar!

    To reveal the harmfulness of this ingredient is a group of experts of theUniversity of San Francisco, which in an article published by the journal Nature entitled "Public health: the truth about sugar toxicity" highlighted how damage caused by this food are very similar to those caused by alcoholism.

    "Sugar is very far from being just a supplier of calories - explained Robert Lustig, Laura Schmidt and Claire Brindis - at the level consumed in the West changes the metabolism, raises blood pressure, alters hormonal signals and causes significant liver damage. The dangers to health are largely similar to those of drinking too much alcohol, which not surprisingly derives from the distillation of sugar ".

    And there's more: according to the scientists who conducted the study, this ingredient - so used and widespread all over the world - it is one of the main culprits of the 35 million deaths a year for diseases such as diabetes o cardiovascular problems. Of course, as often happens, in this case too, it is above all what makes the difference quantities; a case out of all: in the United States the daily intake of calories given exclusively by sugar is often equal to or greater than 500 units. This means that more than a third of the calories Americans ingest every day comes from this ingredient alone.

    The problem, therefore, is that in the world, and especially in some rich countries such as the US, too much is taken, so much so that in the last 50 years the average per capita consumption has even tripled. And this can lead to serious illnesses over time, which tend to "kill slowly".

    “We are not talking about banning sugar - concluded the experts - but this must become a concern of governments. You should make sugar consumption less convenient, and at the same time make the message understood by the population ”.

    Besides sugar, there are a number of other "variants" and derivatives, such as fructose or l 'Aspartame, commonly present in many foods, which are no less dangerous than the classic sugar. As the scholars confirm, "a growing body of scientific evidence shows that fructose can trigger toxic processes for the liver and promote many other chronic diseases."

    So how to prevent dangerous diseases resulting from excessive consumption of this ingredient? Certainly by limiting their consumption - by learning to eat and drink less sugary foods and drinks - and by trying to however, opt for natural sweeteners, such as stevia, finally legal also in Europe, or honey, which for the same quantity have a higher sweetening power than sugar!

    Verdiana Amorosi

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