Stroke: it is prevented with fruit and vegetables

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Those who eat a lot of fruit and vegetables have a 20% lower risk of having a stroke, a percentage that increases to 32% with 200 grams of more fruit per day

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We never tire of reminding you how important it is to eat every day fruits and vegetables (preferably in season) to make our body work well e reduce the risk of contracting various diseases, including serious ones, includingictus. A new comparative study of previous research has in fact shown that those who eat a lot of fruit and vegetables see a 21% less risk of having a stroke.

The research, conducted by Qingdao University and published in Stroke (journal of the American Heart Association), analyzed 20 previous studies for a total of 760 people monitored over the past 20 years.

The researchers noted that those who ate the most fruit and vegetables saw decrease the risk of stroke by exactly 21% compared to the others and, moreover, the percentage dropped to 32% for every 200 grams of fruit consumed per day more and 11% for every 200 grams of vegetables.

"A diet rich in fruit and vegetables is advisable because it meets micronutrients and macronutrients and fiber requirements without adding anything to the overall energy requirement - said Yan Qu, author of the research - citrus fruits, leafy vegetables, apples and pears are optimal".

The benefits of a diet rich in vegetables and fruit with respect to stroke risk are that these natural foods allow you to keep weight, cholesterol and blood pressure under control and other risk factors that can lead to stroke over time.

One more reason for increase the consumption of live and colored foods, varying them as much as possible!

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