Stretch marks: causes, how to prevent them, treatments and natural remedies

Stretch marks are points where the skin is reduced in thickness and shape of unsightly marks that can be of different shapes and sizes. But what are the causes of this so frequent blemish? How to prevent and treat them with natural remedies?

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Le stretch marks they are points where the skin is reduced in thickness and shape of unsightly marks that can be of different shapes and sizes. But what are they the causes of this blemish so frequent? How to prevent and treat them with i natural remedies?

Among the most feared imperfections of women we find stretch marks. These are parts of skin in which the connective tissue is damaged and which can therefore appear loose and of a different color than the rest of the skin (pink or more tending to purple if inflamed or still pale if completely healed).

Le distended streaks, or stretch marks, are streaks of the most superficial part of the skin which, depending on the area in which they appear, can be vertical, horizontal or radial and more or less extended. The alteration of the skin is in most cases definitive and one can only act to improve the problem or in the prevention phase to avoid its appearance.

They appear mainly in adolescence or are the result of pregnancy. They are not exempt but neither the men, they too can see the formation of stretch marks in particular in the age group ranging from 14 to 20 years.

Generally women see le stretch marks on breasts, abdomen, outer thighs and buttocks while the man on the abdomen, chest, buttocks, groin and lower back.

But what are the causes of the appearance of these imperfections?



The causes of the appearance of stretch marks can be different but often it comes to hormonal changes which have a negative effect on the synthesis of collagen, a substance useful for skin tone.

Other causes can be, for example, the distension of the skin due to constitutional factors (in fact, there is a familiarity and predisposition to stretch marks) or, more often, the origin is to be found in mechanical situations (for example, fattening and then a sudden weight loss or a condition such as that of pregnancy).

Another possible cause of stretch marks is taking certain medications such as steroids.

In summary, stretch marks can appear in the case of:

• Sudden fluctuations in weight
• Hormonal changes
• Constitutional factors
• Pregnancy and breastfeeding
• Taking certain medications


Preventing stretch marks in some cases is simply possible taking care of your skin that must be well hydrated both from the inside and from the outside.

Also in the case of stretch marks we must never forget that it is very important follow a healthy and balanced diet which also includes the right degree of hydration, so remember to always drink plenty of water.

The hydration of the skin "from the outside" can be done by taking care of your body every day, for example with a nice one massage performed with the help of vegetable oils but also with a normal moisturizer (with good inci).

It is also necessary to maintain an active lifestyle, practicing light physical activity: swimming, yoga, but also simply walking every day for at least 30-40 minutes. Fundamental obviously not smoking (which among the many disadvantages also has that of making the skin age prematurely) e do not drink alcohol.

Another good tip is to avoid wearing too tight clothingi which prevent the correct circulation of the lower limbs.

In summary, if you want to avoid seeing the unsightly stretch marks appear, remember to:

• Eat well

• Drink a lot of water

• Moisturize the skin with vegetable oils or creams

• Exercise

• Do not drink alcohol

• Not smoking

• Avoid wearing clothing that is too tight


In pregnancy, the majority of women already from the first months take care to ensure that the so hateful stretch marks do not appear on the stomach, breasts and hips, all parts of the body that, affected by weight gain, can easily lose elasticity.

Generally stretch marks begin to appear between the 6th and 8th month and they are a problem that affects 50% of pregnant women, not only because the weight increases but also because of hormonal changes. The fact is that once they are formed it is really difficult, indeed practically impossible, to send them away. It is therefore important to try to prevent by using various natural measures and remedies. The key word in this case is consistency!

To prevent their formation even in the face of pregnancy, it is necessary work on the elasticity of the skin and tissues, drinking a lot, practicing regular physical activity and eating foods rich in vitamins C and E. Whether you want to prevent stretch marks, or want to improve their appearance, try experimenting with the natural remedies we propose below.

In pregnancy, to prevent stretch marks, follow these tips (actually always valid):

• Massage breasts, hips, thighs and buttocks with a vegetable oil every day after bath or shower
Drink a lot
Eat well (especially a lot of fruit and vegetables)
• Practice light physical activity



For the prevention and treatment of stretch marks, there are several natural remedies that can be experimented with to give results they must be used consistently, dedicating time every day to the care of your body. It is practically impossible that stretch marks, once formed, can disappear completely, but thanks to natural remedies the their appearance can improve and it can increase skin tone.

Let's see which are the most effective natural remedies against stretch marks:

Sweet almond oil

Sweet almond oil is rich in vitamin E, which helps the skin stay young. It should be applied daily on stretch marks or in areas at risk immediately after a bath or shower so that the enlarged pores of the skin can absorb it better. It can also be used for relaxing massages and for the prevention of stretch marks in pregnancy. To make this oil richer and more effective, it can also be associated with lavender essential oil. In 250 ml of base vegetable oil, 10 of essential oil can be added.

Shea butter

A very popular remedy for stretch marks is shea butter, which can soften and improve the appearance of the skin. Can be applied every day after a shower on the critical points after having softened it a little between the fingers (we remember in fact that it appears solid in all seasons of the year except summer).

Rosehip oil

It is a very valuable oil traditionally used in Chile as a remedy for various skin disorders and to improve the appearance of scars. Can be applied in drops directly on stretch marks once a day. Also useful in case of small scars. It is recommended to buy organic and 100% pure rosehip oil.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil also lends itself as a massage oil for both the prevention and treatment of stretch marks. Her emollient properties make the skin extremely soft and supple.

Aloe gel and lemon juice

Lemon juice can be applied pure or combined with aloe vera gel. It is believed that its vitamin C content can help the skin in the production of collagen and consequently to improve its appearance, even if there is the presence of stretch marks.

Anti-stretch mark lotion

It is possible to prepare an anti stretch mark lotion by mixing together 200 ml of extra virgin olive oil, 100 ml of aloe vera gel, the liquid contained in 4 capsules of Vitamin A and the liquid contained in 6 capsules of Vitamin E. It is a useful lotion in the prevention of stretch marks. It can be kept in the refrigerator in a closed glass jar for 2/3 weeks. It must be applied on the points where the appearance of stretch marks is feared.

Marigold oil

The calendula oil has emollient properties and is suitable both for the treatment and for the prevention of stretch marks. You can also prepare it yourself at home following this recipe.



To improve existing stretch marks it is possible to undergo some treatments that reduce the blemish but are based on chemicals, radio frequency or laser. If the problem is not quite so extensive and limiting, it is better to rely only on natural remedies, also because these treatments are still not able to completely solve the problem but only to improve it.

Contact a dermatologist to understand if it is really advisable to undergo a real treatment against stretch marks.

What is yours Favorite natural remedy for stretch marks?

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