Strengthening the hair: foods and natural remedies

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Taking care of your hair in order to strengthen it means first of all treating it gently, using natural and nourishing remedies, while carefully taking care of your diet. As in the case of our skin, in fact, even the hair needs the right nourishment to always appear strong and shiny and it can come from both inside and outside.

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Strengthen the hair and taking care of them means first of all treating them delicately, using them natural remedies and nutrients, while taking care of your own supply.

As in the case of our skinIn fact, even the hair to always appear strong and shiny needs the right nourishment and it can come from both inside and outside.

Foods to strengthen hair

To grow strong and healthy, our hair needs a proper supply of Vitamins and mineral salts. Among the vitamins suitable for preventing hair loss is the biotin, also known as vitamin B7 or vitamin H, which is particularly contained in Whole grains, like rice, and in brewer's yeast. This vitamin allows the production of keratin, thus favoring the renewal and growth of hair, helping to limit the appearance of white hair and strengthen the hair.

The consumption of vegetable, rich in both proteins and B vitamins and iron, it prevents hair loss, strengthening it and stimulating the body's production of keratin. If the presence of hair that appears weak is accompanied by the problem of falling out, it is good to run for cover through foods rich in vitamin E, among which we find parsley, carrots and spinach, as well as di antioxidants, such as dark green leafy vegetables, berries, tomatoes and all fruit with yellow or orange skin.

Copper, selenium and zinc are considered to be among the mineral salts that can most help strengthen hair. In order to enrich your diet thanks to their contribution, it is advisable to turn to legumes, dried fruit e oilseeds, with particular reference to both the sunflower seeds that ai pumpkin seeds. One of the foods considered most suitable for strengthening hair is constituted by millet (on the basis of which specific hair supplements are formulated).

Without having to take supplements, you can try to enrich your diet thanks to this cereal, rich in vitamins, amino acids and mineral salts, such as silicon, which give this food both restorative and protective properties. Another nutritional element not to be underestimated as regards the possibilities of strengthening hair through one's food choices is constituted by sulfur, present mainly in fresh vegetables and especially in the spinach.

Natural remedies to strengthen hair

After acting from the inside thanks to nutrition, a chapter not to be neglected to strengthen the hair and keep it healthy, it is also possible to pay attention to the care that is dedicated to it from the outside. To improve hair health, it is important that the circulation at the level of the scalp is well functioning, an aspect that helps to strengthen the hair and promote the growth of new hair, resistant right away.

Before shampooing, a skin massage can therefore be performed using a vegetable oil, such asjojoba oil,sesame oil or l 'extra virgin olive oil. The latter is also the protagonist of a natural hair treatment to be applied before shampooing, preferably on damp hair, and left to act as long as possible, so that it can carry out its strengthening and polishing effect. To the simple olive oil can be added essential oils, such asessential oil of lavender. To stimulate circulation, prevent hair loss and strengthen hair, you can also use a ginger-based treatment, to be prepared using fresh grated ginger, sesame oil or jojoba oil.

In a completely homemade way it is also possible to prepare one rosemary lotion to be rubbed both on the skin and on the hair before shampooing. It must be prepared by infusion, calculating to use three teaspoons of finely chopped rosemary for every half liter of boiling water. The rosemary should be left to rest in boiling water for fifteen minutes and the lotion should be filtered and allowed to cool before use.

Another aromatic herb can be used to strengthen the foliage. This is the sage, this time the protagonist of a remedy to be used as last or penultimate rinse for the hair, immediately after shampooing. You need to prepare a infusion of sage using two tablespoons of crushed leaves for each liter of water. The infusion must be left to rest for a quarter of an hour before being filtered, left to cool and used for rinsing. In addition to strengthening the hair, it helps to make it shinier. Finally, an excellent natural remedy suitable for strengthening the hair is constituted by henna compresses, to be chosen in its neutral non-coloring variety (Cassia italica or Cassia obovata).

Henna powder will need to be mixed with warm water, with a chamomile infusion or green tea, until it forms a batter, to be applied on the hair once it has cooled and left to act for at least an hour before shampooing, after having wrapped the hair in a cap and in a warm towel.

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